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2nd citizenship through realty investment gains pace


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Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

Obtaining a second citizenship through real estate investment and other means has become a popular trend. This increase in interest has also raised a cause for concern, that of choosing credible companies with relevant licenses and authorizations.

Amidst this backdrop, Global Citizens Consultants (GCC), a pioneering firm specializing in second citizenship and residency programs through investment stands a class apart.

GCC possesses authentic licenses granted by various nations, providing transparent and lawful services to help individuals and families attain a second citizenship or residency – with a success rate showing over 5000 successful second citizenships delivered.

One of the most prominent figures to have availed of GCC’s services is renowned artist, Melhem Zein. Speaking on the successful venture, the CEO of GCC, Taher Shehab commented, “Zein sought a second passport to facilitate his work, involving travel to different countries for performances. Delays or visa denials would hinder his work. He contacted us at our Beirut branch, where we provided him with the necessary assistance for obtaining a Caribbean citizenship. He received it in July, sharing the news on his social media as a message of gratitude for our credibility, efficiency, and swift services.”

Shehab also highlighted their distinction as a government-authorized agent accredited by Caribbean nations. Global Citizen Consultants has branches worldwide, including Miami, Dubai, Tunisia, Nigeria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, with a branch soon to be opened in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. GCC’s diverse team of specialists assists investors in choosing the right program for their goals. The company has to-date never received a rejection a request. This is a result of their expertise and credibility, and high regard with Caribbean governments.

Shehab emphasizes GCC’s recognition as the best residency and citizenship services provider in 2023. As authorized agents for five Caribbean countries, GCC’s competence and professionalism stand out. Their expertise extends beyond the Caribbean to European countries like Greece, Spain, Malta, and Canada, where they are a licensed advisory agent appointed by the Canadian government. In a landscape clouded by deceptive practices, GCC offers authenticity and professionalism, guiding individuals their dreams of global mobility through legitimate citizenship and residency programs.

Shehab, discussing the advantages of acquiring a second citizenship through Global Citizenship Consultants, emphasizes the practical benefits of tailored consultations. This approach ensures optimal services at reasonable administrative fees, covering pre- and post-citizenship inquiries. The company further assists with document preparation, review, and submission, including liaising with Caribbean embassies and aiding in company establishment and bank account setup. The diverse team at GCC specializes in investment-based citizenship and residency, promising customized, quality services at competitive costs.Beyond property investment, Global Citizenship Consultants also presents alternative paths, like donating to state funds for a specified cost.

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