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Top 3 tools to level up your trading

1. The economic calendar: enhance your fundamental analysis

There are many events that can influence the financial markets — and although not all of them are scheduled, a good percentage of them are. These include earnings reportsdividend payments, Fed meetings, elections and more. 

Fundamental analysis gives you insights into a business’s financial health, as well as its growth potential. Analysts and investors look at metrics including earnings per share (EPS), price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, and dividend yield — all information released during scheduled market events. Strategies such as value investing and growth investing are successful when they leverage insights from fundamental analysis.

Market events can also create volatility, with certain assets often moving predictably on specific releases. Staying in the loop about the events that could impact your investment portfolio will help you make better-informed trading decisions, and allow you to increase or reduce your exposure accordingly as they happen. 

eToro’s Economic Calendar ensures that you’ll never miss an earnings release or dividend/ex-dividend date. The calendar displays events for the stocks in your portfolio, as well for the top 50 most popular stocks — and you can easily filter which ones you’d like to see. 

The calendar appears on the platform in a user-friendly monthly format, and events are colour-coded by type for ease of use at a glance. Hover over any event, and more information will appear. You can even trade directly from the calendar! On mobile, events appear in easily scrollable list format rather than as a calendar.

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2. Advanced charts: hone your technical analysis 

Better charts mean better decisions. Having access to up-to-the-moment data and precise charting tools is powerful because they allow you to analyse the markets and help you anticipate future price moves and opportunities.

Charts are crucial to technical analysis, which involves looking at an asset’s price history to identify patterns and predict how stocks are likely to move in the future. Strategies such as momentum trading and trend trading are successful when they leverage insights from technical analysis.

Want unparalleled access to the latest live market data? Try eToro’s advanced charts, powered by TradingView. Feature-rich, powerful and perfect for the most demanding users, our state-of-the art charts update live in real time multiple times per second, so you never miss a beat:

  • User-friendly interface with clear, easy-to-read visuals allows investors to take action quickly when time is of the essence. 
  • A variety of interactive, responsive charting tools that help you invest smarter — including 7 chart types, 50+ drawing tools, and 100+ indicators 
  • Save your favourite templates for easy access
  • Switch to Dark Mode, which reduces eye strain and improves battery life 

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3. One-click trading: jump at opportunities as fast as they happen

A great investment opportunity can often come — and go — in the blink of an eye. One-click trading mode is very useful for experienced traders who want to open positions instantaneously, using parameters (such as amount, leverage, stop-loss and take-profit) that they’ve set in advance.

This time-saving feature can be crucial when volatility is high and every second counts. With one-click trading, you’re able to get in on the action immediately with a single click.

One-click trading mode on eToro is not the default, meaning you need to turn it on first. You can do this by going to the “Settings” screen and clicking on “Trading.”

This feature is very popular in the eToro investment community, and extremely useful when used with intent. But bear in mind that one-click trading is better suited for advanced traders and should be used with discretion, as trades are executed immediately, without the usual confirmation screen. Once a trade is opened, you can close it, but you cannot cancel it. 

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