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Salima El Kasmi is back in Morocco for DEVERDA!

Salima El Kasmi.

The Moroccan businesswoman is in a frequent trips between USD, Dubai and Morocco as she is in the final stages of launching her new products lines of DEVERDA the beauty brand that is inspired by nature, and using all natural ingredients topped by the famous oil of Arjaan

Following the success of her first line of products Salima El Kasmi wasted no time and started with her laboratories’ experts working on a new surprise as described by her, where more natural ingredients will be the inputs of her industry not only for this upcoming production, but for all her future ones as well

Driven by her passion and admiration of her Moroccan heritage and the inspiration of the original beauty of the Amazeegh and the unique usage of Arjann oil, EL Kasmi managed to put herself and DEVERDA among the best in the region, and rapidly had a wide spread among beauty and lifestyle influencers who valued the products and admired the results

The official announcement about the official date of launch will soon be announced during summer 2023 and expected to gather the region’s top opinion leaders in the beauty sector, celebrities and beauty influencers in a prestigious event yet carrying the traditional Moroccan style that forms the heart and soul of DEVERDA.


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