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Dubai's top entrepreneur, Parvez Rupani reveals the number one secret of success

Parvez Rupani.

One of the leading entrepreneurs in Dubai, Parvez Sultan Rupani, knows exactly what it takes for an individual to be successful.

The DgTx founder has committed to helping others get where they want to be. He firmly believes that everyone has the potential to be great, but a mentor is needed somewhere during this journey.

Parvez Rupani aims to provide all the necessary guidance for such individuals through his podcast - "Powerpreneurs."

He begins the very first episode of the podcast by talking about successful entrepreneurs and their secrets to success. Parvez has always been fascinated by the entrepreneurial spirit and believes every successful entrepreneur has a unique story.

He also defines a 'Powerpreneur' as an entrepreneur who goes above and beyond the norms to create something exceptional.

However, in the podcast's first episode, he mainly focuses on the number one secret to success, goal-setting. He says this is the key to success, whether in business or life.

Whether to launch a new business or work towards personal growth, setting goals is extremely necessary.

Goal-setting creates a roadmap for an individual to achieve the desired life or a business objective.

Talking about the importance of setting goals, Parvez Rupani says that goals provide direction and purpose.

A goal must be well-defined and measurable, giving the individual a clear direction and ways to track progress.

The goal must be attainable and relevant, which makes it realistic and aligned with the vision and mission.

The goal needs to be time-bound. It should have a clear deadline for its achievement. Among the advice he provides in the first episode is staying focused on the bigger picture or the larger vision. 

Towards the end of the episode, Parvez highlights the importance of celebrating one's success. It creates a sense of achievement and motivates the individual to keep working towards the desired objectives.

In a very short time, Powerpreneurs has become the most inspiring podcast in UAE for anyone hustling to make it big.


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