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Forum discusses leveraging AI to elevate Customs business


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In conjunction with the UAE Innovation Month 2023, Dubai Customs organised a webinar on Empowering Artificial Intelligence to explore the challenges and possibilities for leveraging AI technologies with an aim to take the Customs and trade sectors to the next level. The virtual forum brought together a panel of academics and professional experts in AI, digital transformation and information communication technology from around the world.

“The UAE government is cognizant of the importance of using artificial intelligence and the positive impact it creates in terms of transforming the way government services are delivered,” Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs and CEO of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, said in his opening address to the online forum.

“The government is striving to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies. In this perspective, we at Dubai Customs are continually and sustainably improving our technology infrastructure towards more automation and digitalization of customs systems and processes, harnessing advanced technologies and disruptive, transformational innovations to facilitate trade operations and increase business returns.”

Musabih underlined that artificial intelligence is a key element in Dubai Customs’ innovation strategy as mapped within its Strategic Plan 2021-2026. “We are integrating AI technologies in our ongoing digital transformation to ensure smarter, faster, more efficient 24/7 Customs services and procedures through enhanced calculation of risks associated with clearance of goods and people in Customs work. Last year Dubai Customs completed 22.5 million customs declarations. We wouldn’t be able to clear and process such huge number of transactions if our technology wasn’t advanced enough. We aim to further harness AI to uplift the standard of government services in a way that will provide greater competitiveness to our national economy,” he said.

Juma Al Ghaith, Executive Director, Customs Development Division, spoke about the crucial role of artificial intelligence in developing the customs sector, noting that “Dubai Customs has adopted blockchain technology to develop our cross border e-commerce platform, and now we are heavily investing in the AI sector to further enhance customs services and procedures, which would reflect positively on our clients’ business and empower them to achieve the highest returns from their activities.

It has been a long journey, during which Dubai Customs has utilised and harnessed AI systems and applications to develop its operations. Our Mirsal2, Smart Risk Engine, Advanced Container Scanner, Smart Workspace, iDeclare and the Authorized Economic Operator programme are just a few examples of how we harnessed AI technologies to serve our vision and mission in line with Dubai’s comprehensive technological transformation.”

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a great potential to advance the global Customs and trade supply chain business, said Al Ghaith who called on all stakeholders to join forces to make best use of AI to help address the challenges facing our industry and power the economy into sustainable growth.

The forum’s panel of experts explored the multifaceted role of artificial intelligence in global scientific and community transformation.

Dr Slim Saidi, CEO, Z-Strategy & Co, Associate Professor at the American University of Sharjah, delivered a presentation themed “Pushing the Boundaries of the Possible”, in which he discussed the prospects of artificial intelligence applications, the importance of Metaverse Augmented Reality technology and the concept of multi-reality virtual trade and how they can help customs enhance border security and trade facilitation both in the physical and virtual worlds. Arnold Gutmann, senior executive partner, Gartner, talked about the power and risks of Generative AI and ChatGPT. On his part, Dr Hussein Al-Natsheh, CTO, Unstructured Data Intelligence at Beyond Limits, gave a presentation titled Cognitive AI for Smart Mobility: A Use Case in Border control.

Kubra Canel, Data Science Leader at Oracle, discussed the Synergies of Intelligence: Exploring the Boundless Potential of Composite AI intelligence, while Saeed Alajou, Senior Director, General Manager UAE, UNIPHONIC, touched on the potential for elevating customer experience with AI-based conversational channels. Alaa Dalghan, Managing Director, Cognit DX, made a presentation titled the Dawn of the Planet of AI. Last but not least, Mohamed Al Yousuf, Director of Al Yousuf company, shared his insights on AI that Exists supported with several examples and success stories from the real world.

Separately, Dubai Customs and Dubai Chambers recently discussed cooperation to support businesses and the private sector and enhance the emirate’s competitiveness following Dubai’s strategic plans and vision.

The two sides discussed their shared plans and strategies, including the electronic integration of services and the development of new services to consolidate Dubai’s position as a major global economic hub in the next ten years and empower the new generation of Dubai traders in different sectors and support their expansion plans.

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