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Download Netflix on Huawei, and the show begins!

Do you want to binge-watch your favourite series or movie? There are many providers, but Netflix is the most popular, filled with spectacular content. Yes! With its boasting 223 million global subscribers, Netflix is the market leader in providing on-demand video streaming services.

Nowadays, watching your favourite series or movies has become a lot easier on Netflix as you can download Netflix on your smartphone, and the show is ready whenever you're. If you're a Huawei smartphone user, this article will guide you on downloading Netflix on your Huawei smartphone.

Download Netflix on Huawei, and the show begins!

If you want to install Netflix on Huawei, you can do that in less than a minute by following this guide. Huawei has developed its own app marketplace called AppGallery. On this platform, you can find many popular apps and games, including Netflix. We will be discussing, step by step, how to download Netflix for Huawei smartphones. Let's jump into a tutorial so you can begin your favourite shows just after that.

1. Download Netflix via AppGallery

AppGallery is a secure place to download various applications. Nowadays, It comes pre-installed on all Huawei phones.

Follow these steps to download Netflix for Huawei smartphones.

Step 1: Open AppGallery.

Step 2: When on the "Featured" tab, find the search bar and type "Netflix".

Step 3: "Netflix" app icon and the "Blue Install" button will appear. Click on it.

Step 4: Tap the "Install" button at the bottom of the screen. It will show progress, and you can find the Netflix app on your home screen when it's done.

Bingo! You just discovered how to get Netflix on Huawei.

Let's visit another method to download Netflix for Huawei smartphones.

2. By APK Download and install

You can also download Netflix on a Huawei smartphone by downloading the APK Installation file for Netflix. APK file is a setup file to install the application on your smartphone.

There are many websites on which you can find the latest version of Netflix APK. Be extra cautious about choosing a safe and trusted source.

You can download APK on APKPure, Softonic, or APKMirror. Let's see the procedure to install Netflix on Huawei.

Step 1: Visit any one of the websites mentioned above. You can download the APK by visiting the website on your smartphone on a web browser.

Step 2: As shown in the above picture, you will find the search box—type "Netflix" in the search bar.

Step 3: You will get search results for Netflix App, as shown below. Click on the "Download" button to download APK for Netflix.

Once you get the Netflix APK file, "Install" the APK file on your Huawei smartphone by clicking on the APK file. Once installation finishes, your smartphone will be equipped with Netflix app.

That's it. By these methods, you can download Netflix for your Huawei smartphone. Try these methods and write to us with any suggestions. For more information, you can refer to our YouTube video.


How to Download Netflix On Any Huawei Phone


What version should I choose to download Netflix?

Generally, we recommend the latest version of Netflix for installation. Although, on APKPure or similar websites, you may find older versions of the app if you have some specific reason to install not the latest version.

Is Netflix application free to download?

Yes, it is free to download Netflix from AppGallery, and if you want to download the APK of the Netflix App from the websites mentioned above.

Is AppGallery free to use?

AppGallery is the official app marketplace for Huawei smartphones and tablets. It is available in more than 170 countries and is the 3rd most significant application marketplace.

Is AppGallery safe to use?

Yes, AppGallery has four layers of an inbuilt security detection system that detects malicious behavior, performs privacy checks, and delivers a secure user experience.

How should I update Netflix on a Huawei smartphone?

To update the Netflix app on a Huawei smartphone, follow the steps mentioned below:

Go to AppGallery > Me > Updates. If you have an update available, Netflix will show up there, and then you need to click the "Update" button.