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SteelFab ’23 most innovative tech platform for metalworks Industry


SteelFab 2023 achieves a 40% participation increase over the previous edition.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The 18th edition of the metalworks and steel exhibition “Steel Fab 2023”, which concluded  at Expo Centre Sharjah (ECS), was able to enhance the exhibition’s position and growing importance as a chief regional event specialized in supplying the most innovative metalworks machinery and technologies from all over the world. Over four days, it attracted thousands of local and international visitors and Industry’s decision makers.

Organised by ECS with the support of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), SteelFab 2023 continued its successful march achieving a 40% participation increase over the previous edition, as it attracting over 200 top international manufacturers and suppliers representing 33 countries. The exhibition’s pavilions boasted more than 400 local and international brands of the latest technologies, smart solutions and products in the metal and steel forming and fabricating industry.

Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, said: “We are proud of the event’s involvement. Over 18 years, It has reinforced its leading position being the most important platform for the region’s companies in their search for appropriate technologies that meet the needs of their factories, not to mention allowing them to strike major deals that enhance their competitiveness. The exhibition also helped enhance the experiences of the participants and visitors through facilitating their contact with the most prominent global manufacturers, whom we are keen to attract every year in order to help the local companies get introduced to the best state-of-the-art practices and exchange  expertise and experience, as well as helping them attract more customers, introducing them to the quality of ‘Made in the UAE’ tag, and showing the world the great capabilities and opportunities that the Emirate of Sharjah possesses in this important sector.”

Participants in the SteelFab 2023 exhibition stressed that the exhibition was a great chance to exhibit their latest products, machines, and modern technologies that were brought from many countries. They added that those machines are equipped with the latest technological innovations and artificial intelligence in the metal and steel cutting Industry. They all agreed that their participation in such a globally successful event helped them promote their products and acquire experience by meeting international manufacturers directly to learn more about the latest technologies in the industry. The 11 seminars and sessions that were organised during the event shed light on the future of the steel industry and reflected the visions of experts from the UAE and the world.

Meanwhile, Sharjah Finance Department (SFD) concluded an introductory seminar in the Arab Republic of Egypt on the second cycle of the Sharjah Award for Public Finance.  The seminar was part of a series of second-phase meetings scheduled to conclude at the end of January 2023.

The symposium was sponsored by Dr Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance of the Arab Egyptian public, and was attended by Dr Ahmed Kajouk, Deputy Minister of Finance for Financial Policies and Institutional Development in Egypt, and His Excellency Dr Nasser Al Hatlan Al Qahtani, Director General of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development affiliated to the League of Arab States, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Award.

Waleed Al Sayegh, Director General of SFD, member of the Board of Trustees of the Award,  Sheikh Rashid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Secretary - General of the Award, and Hassan Pasha, Advisor to the Award. The symposium was accompanied by training workshops for finance workers and representatives of institutions.   It also outlined the participation mechanism and how to prepare files for the 17 categories, explaining each category’s criteria, whether an institution or an individual.

Waleed Al Sayegh, Director General of Sharjah Finance Department, said: “The second round of the award comes with a new look and according to developed standards and conditions for organisational and technical level participation. It is organised by SFD in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Administrative Development. The government’s financial work aims to further advance and develop the financial sector and its management rationally and sustainably throughout the Arab world. Waleed Al Sayegh, stressed the importance of expanding qualitative experiences and practices in the field of procedures related to measuring and evaluating the level of compliance with standards and requirements of excellence related to government financial work, as well as distinguished job experiences in the financial sector at the level of individual employees.

Sheikh Rashid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Secretary — General of Sharjah Public Finance Award, delivered a welcoming speech in which he emphasised that as the first of its kind in the region, the Award will continue to enhance its previous successes and ambitious goals in promoting and enabling the financial sector to be a successful and sustainable lever for development in our country. He said this would be achieved by measuring and evaluating the level of adherence to the standards and requirements of excellence related to government financial work at the level of institutions or individuals.

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