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Manzil by Saagar Panchal creates massive buzz in the property rental and management niches

The team consists of learned and experienced professionals who aim to revolutionize the rental and property management sector.

The momentum and hyper growth a few industries have attained over the last few years have attracted buzz and attention from people globally.

These positive changes have come to life with technology, trends and evolving visions of entrepreneurs being put into execution, creating brands and businesses that could effortlessly stand unique from the rest in their industries.

Saagar Panchal who disrupted the industry with Hireavilla as a (Young Entrepreneur who started in 2016 and now launching his second venture “Manzil” to revolutionize the future of hospitality and property investments. Manzil is launching with 50 properties portfolio that are located in Downtown, Marina and Palm Jumeirah which are available for flexible stays.

With Hireavilla, he transformed, managed and monetized underutilized villas in the developing markets of Bali, Sri Lanka, and India and went on to manage more than 250+ villas in these markets with a team of more than 120+ people. With Manzil, he aims to elevate the experiences of both guests and homeowners.

Manzil for homeowners will provide a hassle-free solution to maintain, manage and monetize their property. The team at Manzil takes care of everything from interior designing, marketing the property, finding tenants, housekeeping and concierge services, paying utilities, and maintaining the property on behalf of the homeowner for a flat management fee.

They also make sure to generate the highest possible yield on their investment using the latest technology and services stack. Saagar mentions how during the peak season, they focus on short-term rentals to take advantage of the high demand from tourists, and during the off-season, they focus on monthly stays to generate a higher yield on their investment.

As soon as the property gets listed with them, it earns a premium status. By optimizing its API-integrated systems, the company has helped homeowners to get the best possible yield and visibility, prioritising transparency. They thrive on a pricing algorithm that is dynamic and based on the current market conditions, competitor pricing, and availability.

By understanding the market demand, its technology would help automatically increase or decrease prices and take advantage of that season. It also automates last minute discounts and discounts on gap days to ensure the yield and occupancy.
Manzil is beyond being an AirBnb management company that provides visibility, allowing to increase occupancy.

Besides this, it also offers maximum transparency, where after bookings are made, their calendars get blocked on all other listed platforms, and a notification is sent to their property management system to which their homeowners have direct access allowing them to view the booking details. Currently, the team is also testing their new property management system, which will allow homeowners to see how their property or portfolio is performing.

The team is determined to build a super app empowering homeowners to build a portfolio, giving them steady cash flow while also empowering to invest in properties and or liquidate their assets if they’re not performing well through the company’s data and expertise.All of this available on a single app, with the vision of changing the real estate investment for portfolio owners.

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