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Ajeeb - the latest success of brand builder Mr. Ahmed Gawish

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Ajeeb wishes all individuals who calls this glorious nation home a very happy Independence Day! Starting from humble beginnings, UAE has taken the spotlight of the whole world using nothing but the best in technology, architecture, entertainment, law, justice, quality of life and so on, all whilst staying true to the values, culture, and principles this nation was built on. Winning multiple accolades, UAE has become a true melting pot of world cultures and we stands tall on the global stage, a proud nation.

The journey that UAE has taken to be recognized as a heavyweight on the global scale has not been easy, and was achieved through hard work, dedication, and a vision to be the best. We at Ajeeb truly resonates this sentiment as we are on a similar journey to achieve the best.

Ajeeb began two and a half years ago as nothing but an idea. Since then, it has grown into a reputed FMCG company in UAE known for the quality and taste of its products. From humble beginnings of offering canned tuna, the brand now boasts 170+ SKUs such as canned tuna, canned sardines, vine leaves, fava beans, chocolate spread, cheese spread, sweet corn and so on. Currently, Switch Foodstuff Trading LLC is the sole distributor for Ajeeb in UAE.

Ajeeb is developed specially for the Arabic palette. Our R&D and Quality teams work in sync with suppliers to ensure that each item we supply meets the requirement and taste buds of our market. Quality control is maintained 24/7 and we are proud in our approach to ensure that every can or jar of product is up to the highest mark.

Ajeeb is a home-grown brand, and all the marketing/branding activities are done in-house and the man behind the plan is the CEO of Switch Foodstuff Trading, Mr. Ahmed Gawish. Mr. Gawish is the true thought leader behind the Ajeeb brand and drew up this brand from scratch.

As a Brand Builder, Mr. Gawish has over 30 year’s experience in the FMCG and food services domain. He has worked for the best FMCG companies across the GCC region and drew on his expertise & competencies to develop and grow Ajeeb.

He is a result-oriented personality with a passion for exceeding company targets even when under extremely challenging business conditions. He leads the Ajeeb team with a lot of passion, pushing them to become one of the best sales and brand management teams in UAE.

Under his leadership, Ajeeb has become a household name. The brand is available in all key retailers across the UAE, and will soon be on all major e-commerce platforms, expanding its footprint. Ajeeb also recently begun distribution in Oman with further plans of expansion in the pipeline.

Despite being a young brand, Ajeeb has proven its weight in the market and made large strides in becoming the leader. The journey of Ajeeb is still in chapter one, and as a brand, Ajeeb is confident that it will soon become the preferred food brand in UAE. The story is only just beginning.

WEBSITE - https://ajeebfoods.com/