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Global relocation market to grow by 2.91 per cent


The relocations market size was valued at $3.1 billion in 2021.

Sajjad Ahmad, Deputy Business Editor

The Global relocation industry is witnessing a surge, particularly after the pandemic. The relocations market size was valued at $3.1 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a minimum growth rate of 2.91 per cent, according to the global Relocation Management Service Market report.

Due to the ever changing world, more companies support their employees with relocation assistance through local relocation experts who can be a major support during the process.

Relocations is an area which almost every industry requires at some point. With GCC becoming an important region for economic activities, and with an upsurge in the movement of expats and HNI movement in the UAE, a lot of people movement is taking place across industries. As companies are scrambling to attract and retain talent, especially at the C-suite level, they look to provide a seamless relocation experience to them.

In the same context, Writer Relocations has witnessed a surge in business. Simon Mason, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Revenue Officer, Writer Relocations (India and GCC) said, “The first three quarters have been extremely positive for business. We have seen business picked up gradually post the lifting of Covid restrictions. During the period between April to October 2021, the overall business had seen a growth of 141% as compared to 2020 for the same period. In the current year, the company has witnessed a growth of 163% for the same period compared to last year. We expect further growth in the coming quarters, especially in the people mobility space and commercial mobility, since businesses are coming back to their pre-covid levels, and the pending projects are being executed quickly.”

“Relocations can be a stressful experience for people moving to a new city or a region. Countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain are countries which are attracting a lot of top talent. Cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh are hubs for high level expat movements. Our clients prefer us as we provide premium mobility services where people’s comfort is imperative. Apart from that, at Writer Relocations, we also ensure adherence to compliances so that it becomes a smooth experience for the clients as well as the employers. Besides that, we also provide guidance from a local expert who understands the region well,” added Mason.

Writer Relocations specialises in the people mobility segment, they provide a number of value-added premium services such as Visa and Immigration assistance, attestation of documents, Virtual Home search assistance, cultural orientation, securing school admissions for children, home search and so on.

When a family moves to a new location, house hunting and securing admissions for their children becomes paramount. A good house in a good locality, especially if it is closer to schools, is always preferred. Also, securing the children’s admissions in good schools is another major challenge parents face while relocating to a new city or a country. They do not want to compromise on these aspects. At Writer Relocations, Home search assistance and school search assistance are two services which are high in demand.

Technology is an area which is central to all services and Writers Relocations is continuing to innovate services for customers that reduces concerns during moving to a new city. They are constantly working towards enhancing the relocation experience for HR personnel, as well as employees’ families across the GCC so that they get an enriching experience.

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