Digi7 launches first aI revenue cycle management solution at Mediclinic hospitals in Abu Dhabi, UAE - GulfToday

Digi7 launches first aI revenue cycle management solution at Mediclinic hospitals in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Mr. Ahmed Al Haj, Founder and CEO, Digi7 and Mr. Ahmed Ali, Executive Director, Mediclinic Middle East.

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Mediclinic Middle East (MCME) has agreed a partnership with BUDDI AI and its UAE operating partner Digi7 to integrate the industry leading CODING.AI© solution across all MCME hospitals and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. For MCME, this is the first step in an automation journey, using a platform which is fueled by an unmatched patented ‘contextual lake’ and deep learning algorithms to simplify workflows by making sense of unstructured EMR data.

This will boost efficiencies and allow MCME professionals to continue to focus on providing seamless continuity of care and a superior client experience for all patients, while easing costs. This initiative also aligns with the UAE’s Centennial 2071 vision, which puts healthcare at the forefront of the government’s long-term vision for the country and promotes the use of AI to support e-health delivery systems.

It prioritizes digital health in an already impressive health infrastructure, working towards the UAE becoming a global force in healthcare. The country is embracing the potential of AI and appointed the world’s first Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Omar Al Olama, in 2017. Digi7 is a UAE-based digital healthcare company bringing a broad portfolio of innovative products to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies in healthcare systems.

The company is a pioneering force in the health technology sector promoting solutions that are designed for easy adoption, enhanced by AI and deep learning. By bringing CODING.AI© to the UAE, Mediclinic and Digi7 will create improved efficiencies and meaningful savings for all MCME hospitals and clinics. CODING.AI© will implement autonomous coding solutions for all specialties across all facilities by automating ICD-10 and CPT codes with over 95%+ accuracy, guaranteed compliance with the UAE's reimbursement guidelines, and an overall reduction in claims denials.

“At Mediclinic, we believe in putting data science and innovation at the heart of our approach and we are looking to adopt best-in-class artificial intelligence platforms with proven track records across our facilities. Our team in the Middle East, in conjunction with our colleagues at Mediclinic International, followed a rigorous process to evaluate vendors and we selected BUDDI AI’s CODING.AI© platform to enable a culture of excellence across all our facilities for revenue cycle automation.

This will also be the first AI solution Mediclinic implements in revenue cycle management globally. In doing so, our operations will be well-placed to achieve automation while strengthening our stance as the leading healthcare provider in the UAE and beyond.” - Hein VanEck, Chief Strategy Officer, Mediclinic Middle East “Digi7 is delighted to partner with Mediclinic for the launch of BUDDI AI across the UAE.

This closely aligns with the UAE’s forward-thinking vision for health in the country, and not only facilitates, but expedites meeting the goals of Centennial 2071 through the use of innovative solutions such as BUDDI AI. Utilizing AI, we can boost the quality of healthcare, while saving billions of dollars.

In this way, our goals at Digi7 are in perfect harmony with Mediclinic and the UAE government, we are all striving to improve healthcare for patients and providers.” – Ahmed Abdullah, CEO, Digi7 “By selecting BUDDI AI's CODING.AI© in partnership with Digi7's hands-on local operating expertise in healthcare, MCME will be the first and largest private healthcare provider group to deploy an ‘Autonomous Coding’ platform across all its hospitals and clinics in the the Emirate of Abu Dhabi,” - Ram Swaminathan, BUDDI AI, CEO

Further information and media contacts:

MCME: www.mediclinic.ae / info@mediclinic.ae BUDDI AI: www.buddi.ai / media@buddi.ai Digi7: www.digi7.ae / communications@digi7.ae

About Digi7

Digi7 is UAE-based digital health care company with specific expertise in health-tech, digital medicine and AI. Focusing on attracting global technology firms to the UAE and MENA region, and establishing and nurturing innovative locally based technology startups.

A disrupter in the digital healthcare market, Digi7 brings a broad portfolio of innovative products that can improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs and increase efficiencies in healthcare systems. By actively interacting with the health market in the UAE and contributing to the numerous AI initiative programs from the government, Digi7 is well-positioned as a leading health-tech company with a global presence. Digi7 looks to create and facilitate cross border opportunities and value-creating partnerships, whilst accelerating GCC market entry as a technology aggregator.

About Mediclinic Mediclinic

Middle East is part of Mediclinic International, a private hospital group founded in 1983 that today has three operating platforms comprising 74 hospitals with more than 11,500 beds in Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia), Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. The Group also has a 29.9% shareholding in Spire Healthcare, a UK-based healthcare group with 38 hospitals. The foundation of Mediclinic International lies in the application of rigorous science to improve the lives of patients, through the use of state-of-the-art treatments and technologies to care for patients in an evidence-based environment.

Mediclinic Middle East operates seven hospitals with more than 950 inpatient beds, and over 20 clinics in the UAE. In addition, under management contract the Middle East will open a 200-bed hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2023.


BUDDI AI founded in 2013, headquartered in New York, is a leading provider of AI-powered healthcare solutions, including clinical and revenue cycle automation, automating approximately 36+ million medical records annually across 350+ provider sites. Fueled by an unmatched patented ‘contextual lake’ platform and the core deep learning algorithms trained over 100+ million historical records/claims combined with 300+ years of cumulative revenue cycle & clinical SME experience.

BUDDI AI helps healthcare organizations make sense of unstructured EMR data, simplify workflows, automate critical functions and do it all with accuracy, turn-around-time and savings guarantees along with industry’s best-in-class HIPAA & SOC2 security stack.

A ‘buddy’ to all involved in end-to-end revenue cycle management, BUDDI AI automates physician dictation all the way to reimbursement, easily integrates into existing healthcare workflows to increase efficiencies, automate processes, quality measures extraction and reduce administrative burden, resulting in improved patient care, enhanced clinical documentation, streamlined physician dictation, medical coding and reimbursements.