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Dubai SME welcomes AUIC as ‘Certified Business Incubator’


Abdul Baset Al Janahi (right) and Dr Karim Seghir at the Ajman University Innovation Centre.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (Dubai SME), an agency of Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), has added Ajman University Innovation Centre (AUIC) to the network of its certified business incubators and accelerators.

AUIC is the first facility of its kind outside Dubai to join the Dubai Business Incubator Network (DBIN) of certified business incubators, which plays a crucial role in building an innovation ecosystem and attracting creative talent into the UAE.

AUIC qualified as a Certified Business Incubator on account of the suitable environment it has created for students and entrepreneurs to develop their innovative ideas into competitive start-ups.

AUIC leverages global best practices and standards to encourage and stimulate innovation among students, start-ups and entrepreneurs, and enables them to take advantage of the center’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, such as common workspaces and incentives to launch their projects. Ajman University had launched the Innovation Centre to turn creative ideas into tangible plans by providing the necessary capital, processes, and regulatory support. The Centre has succeeded in incubating 115 innovative start-ups with total revenues of more than $4.8 million (Dhs17.6 million).

AUIC joins 16 other incubators in DBIN providing a variety of services, packages and events to support entrepreneurs. The certified incubators offer specialised labs for innovators to design, develop and test-bed their prototypes while also promoting the launch of innovative start-ups and supporting them to compete successfully in the local market. DBIN is also stimulating private sector investments in business incubators and accelerators.

Abdul Baset Al Janahi, CEO of Dubai SME, said: “AUIC’s inclusion in DBIN as the first certified incubator outside Dubai marks an important addition to the network. This will consolidate partnerships aimed at strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the UAE, particularly in the educational sector. We constantly seek to adopt business incubators and accelerators investing in modern technologies in the country and ensure that they provide young entrepreneurs from all over the world with the best tools they need to implement their creative projects.”

Al Janahi added: “We are committed to strengthening Dubai and the UAE on the global stage as an ideal platform for entrepreneurship, providing the best opportunities for pioneers and unlimited support for young people and entrepreneurs to establish their new projects. We will also continue to provide varied services that entrepreneurs require, from legal and technical support to marketing, financial and accounting services, in addition to recruitment and training. One of the most important advantages of the incubator accreditation programme is that it provides opportunities for the public and private sectors, as well as academic institutions and investors, to channel their expertise and resources into identifying and developing entrepreneurial talent to empower innovations and industry.”

Dr Karim Seghir, Ajman University Chancellor, said: “Ajman University is proud of AUIC for obtaining this accreditation, making it a business incubator certified by the Hamdan Innovation Incubator in Dubai SME. Innovation is one of the core values of Ajman University that we constantly strive to instill within our students; as the university not only plays a pivotal role in helping students achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations but goes beyond to form an ecosystem that supports innovation in Ajman and the United Arab Emirates.” Dr Seghir added: “Since 1988, Ajman University has been reducing barriers to higher education so students from diverse backgrounds can participate – and innovate – in the global market after graduation. Besides the strong academic rigour of our programmes, we nurture soft skills and provide hands-on learning to enhance employability across industries and regions. Our strong ties with the public and private sectors elevate alumni access to meaningful careers. Bright futures start here and go everywhere.”

The DBIN acts as a reference for business incubator programmes and related best practices in the UAE. The network seeks to stimulate economic and development activity through the establishment of new facilities capable of providing promising investment opportunities that contribute to strengthening the national economy and creating more job opportunities in the UAE. The network also seeks, via its multiple programmes, to support and business incubators by facilitating the exchange of information and practical experiences between accredited incubators and accelerators, decision-makers, customers and relevant authorities.

With the ultimate vision of making Dubai the world’s leading commercial centre, investment hub and tourism destination, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) is mandated to support the Government in positioning the emirate as a major hub for global economy and tourism, and in boosting the city’s economic and tourism competitiveness indicators.

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