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‘The Bridge Technology’ hastens business intelligence for a tech-driven Dubai


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In the framework of carrying out a mission to help businesses execute powerful solutions, the young entrepreneur Ayman Kaddoura, Founder and CEO of ‘The Bridge Technology’ company, has stressed on his keenness to utilize Dubai’s provided facilities for broad prospects of success, as Dubai has turned into a global destination for technology.

‘Bridge Technology’ is mainly concerned with the development of technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), computer networks, system administration and social networks, as well as paying great attention to achieving customer satisfaction.

As an artificial intelligence developer, the emerging innovative company operates in the business intelligence field, in which it offers scientific and technological digital solutions, besides the integration of technical expertise with business intelligence in order to analyze the market, perform sharply and create the required technical product along following an appropriate development method.

Entrepreneur Ayman Kaddoura poses for a photograph.

In addition, Kaddoura stated: "Although technology institutions in the region continue to innovate at a breakneck speed, the lack of details related to transaction data remains a major obstacle to the sector.

“As we took an interest in the matter, Bridge Technology formed a team of professionals to build a strong infrastructure, provide applications and cost management.”

Business intelligence is the process by which organizations set strategies and techniques to analyse current and historic data, with the aim of improving strategic decision-making and providing a competitive advantage.

Once your strategic plan is defined, business intelligence software keeps you on track to make better decisions. Business intelligence data sets provide the operational element to support your strategy.

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