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Are you a beginner who has absolutely no idea about online Stock Market investing?

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Investing and trading in stocks is an attractive option for many people looking to make money. The stock market can be a great way to do it, but it comes with its own set of risks and rewards. With the ever-changing economic situation across the globe, it becomes mandatory to invest wisely and safely for a better future.

Are you a beginner, who have absolutely no idea about investing?  Do you think that stock investment is a big risk?

Well, relax! The international broker Lead capital Corp Ltd has come up with a free online training course, where you can explore the online financial Market stocks, buying models, right stock module to invest, gaining points, share profits and risk management.

Introducing Stock Simulator:

Simulators allow us to invest in stocks as if they are doing it in the real world, but using virtual money, so we can learn how to invest without risking our own capital. Try Argo Trade Stock Simulator now.

This course framed on a 3-hour course video, where the learners can watch and learn at any time convenient to them, focusing on how and when to invest and how to manage investment risks. In addition, the icing on the cake is that the training course enables learners to invest real time through a free stock market simulator with zero risk.

Process of Stock investment

Look at the basics of stock investment and trading and explore the key factors:

Stock investment and trading involve buying and selling shares of publicly traded companies. Trading Platform allows investors to buy and sell securities, such as shares of publicly traded companies. By investing in stocks, Client can make money whether buying or selling the stocks.

Stock Analysis Metrics helps you to better understanding of the profitability and future prospects of a company

Financial statements of a company:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • cash flow statement

Based on Financial statements, you can decide, whether to buy or sell.

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All those who will sign up for this free online course will learn the secrets of trading and investing in stock markets. Paul Wallace and Malte Kaub, two of Europe's most renowned traders. Wallace and Kaub have trained over 10,000 investors across the globe throughout their career.

All kinds of finance-loving people with an insatiable thirst for learning and acquiring more financial knowledge can join the course and benefit from it.

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Disclaimer: CFD Trading is risky