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Salima El Kasmi explores new markets for DEVERDA

Salima El Kasmi founder of DEVERDA.

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Following the successful launch of DEVERDA beauty brand in the USA, The founder and businesswoman Salima El Kasmi has announced exploring new markets, as her expansion plans will start from Dubai being the financial and economic center of the region.

The brand that was established in the USA is expanding to new markets starting from Dubai, where major brands and business leaders are considering it “the capital of the future.”
Salima, the inspiring businesswoman who managed to overcome the social and economic obstacles resulted by the global pandemic as well as the international financial losses that crushed the markets, being the founder of DEVERDA where she took a long road into building a solid base of her success.

“I deeply believe that self-confidence, self-esteem, and financial independence are the keys of success, and I encourage women around the world to trust the process and believe in themselves in addition to choosing right people to work with for teamwork is the heart and soul for business to succeed,” Salima said

She added “Passion opens the doors of great achievements, when I found what I am passionate about, I believed in it, and gave it all I can, and kept on testing my limits, until the brand has become a global one, and what started as a dream, turned to become a reality that kept everyone proud of.”

El Kasmi has become an inspiration among her peers, and in a short period she managed to grow her business not only by the diversity of product lines, but also by exploring new regions and markets, as the brand is now being sold among several countries, taking Dubai as a center to its operations in the GCC and MENA region which “has bigger challenges then the US market due to the various nationalities and mixed cultures that lives in this region which makes the marketing approach a challenging one.”

Salima explained while confirming the to her “Dubai was always the right choice to established businesses and expand to, thanks to its top of the table infrastructure and business laws that forms the right environment for investors to feel safe and secure.”

Salima El Kasmi promised her fans and clients in the region with unexpected surprises when it comes to her next generation of products, while keeping the focus on the natural elements of beauty that forms the heart and soul of DEVERDA product lines by linking the rich Moroccan heritage with the latest, modern technologies used in the beauty sector.

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