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Enverified seals first deal for mega green project in Dubai

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Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

Enverified has been appointed as the Technology & Sustainability Partner for an upcoming Mega Green Project in Dubai. The project principals, Hilshaw Group, have engaged the Singaporean blockchain startup for Project Sustainability Verification and Resource Efficiency with the help of its proprietary IoT platform.

The concept and resulting project is in line with The ‘UAE Net Zero by 2050’ strategic initiative and is designed based on a customised sustainability strategy. The project's overall vision is being developed to deliver Carbon neutrality, Water saving and efficiency, Renewable and naturally harnessed energy, state-of-the-art energy saving and lighting systems, improved accessibility, and integrated biodiversity.

Enverified is a decentralised verification and sustainability assessment system for smart cities that use blockchain technologies that drive environmentally sustainable projects and ecosystems.

It enables an economically viable and sustainable means of ensuring balanced funding, development, and sustainability that results in the project’s ability to generate its own carbon credits.

Hilshaw Group is a Multi-Family Office & Investment Advisory. The company primarily invests in low-supply and finite real estate opportunities. The company had previously allocated  $175 million towards UAE Real Estate, specifically facilitating the Remote Work Visa programme.

The Project is set to be a multi-use vertical smart city that aims to revolutionize sustainable development and living as we know it. All channels and technologies that help reduce carbon emissions are vital to the project ethos.

“Enverified is a novel concept that enables smart projects to achieve verifiable sustainability goals. Our IoT platform is designed to be device, technology, brand, and platform agnostic.

It allows all devices to communicate with one another, forming the basis of a true Smart Green Project. To be appointed for a project by such reputable entities is nothing short of an honor, and we are excited to show the world the power of Enverified," said Saitej Annareddy, COO, Enverified PTE LTD.

“It is exhilarating to be at the crux of a lifestyle revolution. This Project promises to cause a tectonic shift in the manner in which Real Estate is developed and used. We are pleased to have the bright minds at Enverified as part of our age-old vision,” said Dr. Lal Bhatia, Chairman Hilshaw Group.

The project offers a unique three-tier ROI structure for investors with earnings from the sale of Carbon Credits generated by the Project in addition to Capital Gains and Rental Income. The project is geared for reveal by the end of this year.