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Ben Todar stays optimistic about crypto's future despite downward market trends, believes in consistent building

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Ben Todar poses for a photograph.

"Crypto is the future" - You must have heard it from so many people but only a rare believe in nurturing the ecosystem as they grow with it. Ben Todar, the CEO of much loved Moon Nation Game is one of those exceptional people who are working tirelessly to increase the use case of crypto every day and make it reach the masses.

Ben Todar started Moon Nation Game in May 2021 and since then the project has been touching new heights of success. Moon Nation Game is a space-based role-playing game based on the Binance Smart Chain with Moon Nation Game

(MNG) as its native token. What sets the game apart from many blockchain projects is its low gas fees and awesome gaming experience. It is also projected with a longer longevity rate.

Ben says that his initial goal was to build the biggest crypto-based Space RPG 3D game. But as he and his team moved ahead, they realized that there was a missing link between gaming and crypto. He wanted to bridge the gap between crypto and gaming and hence he along with his team developed Moon Nation Bridge.

"So we developed the Moon Nation Bridge as well. Moon Nation Bridge (MNB) can connect any game may it be on the blockchain or off the blockchain through our API. MNB also serves as game dashboard, MNP/MNG wallet, game download hub, and future NFT marketplace!" he says.

Ben Todar is a growth-oriented person and looks at the crypto market optimistically. He is unaffected by the current volatility and downwards trends because he looks at the larger picture. That's why he has continued to build in the industry.

"Despite the downtrend for more than 6 months now, we continued hiring, we opened a new office and we never stopped developing. These are the times to focus on developing and when the market turns back as it always does, the hard work will pay off," says Ben.

Raised in London, Ben Todar currently stays in Dubai and considers it his second home. In fact, he has also built the head office of Moon Nation Game in Dubai. Ben loves Dubai's commitment to developing a regulatory ecosystem for the growth of the domestic crypto sector and being a crypto hub. "I can tell how good was the decision to move here to Dubai as I can do face-to-face efficient meetings with pioneers and biggest influencers of the sector to move Moon Nation project further faster" he says.



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