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V perfumes: A Scent that can be more valuable than gold


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Imagine you are strolling down one of the busiest streets of the city, in the middle of one of the many antique markets. All of a sudden, a heavenly and blissful scent stops you in your tracks.

It transports you to a whole new world of tradition and originality and opens the gates to splendor and luxury. When you finally manage to return to reality and follow the fragrance that leads you to the perfume store, you ask the seller, "What is this scent?" He smiles at you knowingly and answers, "It is the fragrance of oud."

The Messenger of God, Muhammad (S.A.W), may Peace be upon him, described the "oud" as an ingredient that came from heaven, and our noble Messenger used it to light incense so the smoke smelled of Oud.

Oud is a very significant perfume for Arabs historically. It stands out among all kinds of aromas and fragrances; it also indicates luxury, wealth, splendor, and status. This is often used as one of the most important traditions and customs for Arabs.

The incense is agarwood chips, which are burned in the incense burner to release the fragrance of the oud into the air. Oud perfume is used nowadays in several ways, such as burning incense and scenting the home as a welcome to visitors and using it as a perfume that is applied on clothes or behind the ear and on the wrist.

Oud is rare and extracted from only a few places as it is neither readily available nor easy to obtain. The tree from which agar wood is made is found in Southeast Asia only, and only these trees are the source of Oud, which is extracted after the white-colored wood turns into a dark, brown, or black color, and that dark substance is harvested in a long and complicated process. This is one of the many reasons why oud is so valuable and sells for such a high price.

"Dehn Al-Oud", which is oud oil, has many beneficial qualities other than just being a perfume. It is said to relieve aches and pains because it has anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it is used in aromatherapy as a sedative for anxiety, tension, and other nerve-related diseases. In some countries, it is used as a sterile ointment for smallpox and stomach problems. As a result, sometimes the price of a kilo of oud can be more than a kilo of gold!

Additionally, it has significant aesthetic and recreational purposes, adding to the fact that it is a beautiful and attractive scent that captivates everyone who happens to pass it by.

Oud oil has many aesthetic properties, which women use on their skin to renew skin cells and prevent wrinkles and aging. Oud is associated with all things beautiful and celebratory, and this is why it is often used in Gulf countries at weddings. In the past, it was also used to improve spiritual experiences like meditation because it was thought at the time that it made the soul brighter and higher.

There are several types of oud. The most luxurious and finest of these types are the blue oud, the Indian oud, the Cambodian oud, the Laotian oud, the Javanese oud, the Burmese oud, the Kalimantan oud, the Malaysian oud, and last but not least, the sandal oud.

Oud is now added to a wide range of perfumes, not just Arabic ones but also french fragrances, to make them better, more expensive, and last longer on the skin.

There are many stores that provide you with oud and incense perfumes at very expensive prices, but you will find all the perfumes you want to buy at V Perfumes at affordable prices because we often have discounts and offers on our products.

We always strive to provide all means of luxury and happiness to our customers because we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy perfumes of all kinds. We provide a variety of international perfumes, especially those that contain the oud perfume component.

In addition, we make our own high-quality perfumes that contain ingredients that are aromatic jewels, such as oud. In this article, we will recommend strong perfumes that will help you smell the history of V Perfumes Store.

Holy Oud, Occidental Extrait de Parfum:

The perfume that tops the list is the oud perfume "Holy Oud, Occidental Oud" for women and men. It has three oriental notes. The top notes of this oud perfume are saffron and rose. And, labdanum acts as the fragrance's middle note, which comprise the fragrance's heart.

The base notes are beautifully concluded with the oud (agarwood). The base notes endure and stay for a longer period of time and make up the foundation of the fragrance, which is why they are called base notes. This perfume is ideal to wear in the casual summer season. It will make you feel young and full of energy.

Arabian Eagle Old Indian Oud:

The second fragrance we have shortlisted is the distinctive oud perfume "Arabian Eagle Old Indian". As it says on the bottle of the perfume, "A different oud for love." The notes of this perfume are rich in ancient ingredients. The top notes of the perfume are oud and bergamot. The middle notes contain sandalwood and vetiver.

And, its conclusion is musk as the base notes containing amber and musk. You can use this perfume on many occasions, such as official or important occasions. Oud perfume is a lifestyle that helps you highlight your personality that is always looking for excellence. This perfume can be used by both sexes; it is not classified as a women's or men's perfume only.

Essenza Fleur Mystere

This perfume is different from the rest. "Essenza Fleur Mystere" is an Arabic perfume that is distinguished from other existing fragrances. It is somewhat soft and smells amber, with some citrus fruits and the delicious aromas of spring flowers. This perfume is suitable for both women and men. Nutmeg, rose, and musk make the loving top notes whereas orange blossom, powder, and amber make the soothing heart notes. On the other hand, the base notes is beautifully made by apple blossom, pineapple, and peach.

This fragrance highlights a gentle and affectionate personality endowed with social and emotional intelligence. You can wear this perfume on several occasions, for example, when you wear your best dress at the wedding of one of your friends. You can also wear this perfume on your date to leave an irresistible and unforgettable memory.

Victoria Hills Victoria Couture:

Imagine the scent of bergamot mingling with ylang-ylang and then blending with the soothing scent of anise. These are the charming notes of Victoria Hills Victoria Couture Eau de Parfum. It moves you from place to place, from valley to valley, from earth to heaven. It is not gender-specific, but it is appropriate for everyone. Bergamot makes the mind-blowing top note while Ylang-Ylang gives a sweet touch to the scent as the heart note. Anise enchants you as the base note. 

Manzana Farihah:

When the East and the West come together, they make the most beautiful odors. The top notes of this mesmerizing perfume are lemon and aldehyde. Moreover, the heart notes are beat drops, oud, and roses. Apart from that, patchouli and vetiver make the soothing base notes. French scents always blend with Arabic, giving an attractive and beloved note to those who smell them for the first time.

These five Arabic perfumes from V Perfumes are magnificent. V Perfumes stores are available throughout the United Arab Emirates and also in other Gulf countries such as the Sultanate of Oman, and soon they are planning to open in Qatar. But, you can shop at V Perfumes while you are anywhere in the world through their website.

Their special perfumes have distinctive concentrations of high-quality ingredients. On both their website and in-store, you will find offers from time to time on all fragrances. Don't miss the chance to buy luxury products at affordable prices.