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Why Fuel-efficient driving is important


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 While UAE residents have enjoyed more affordable prices for fuel in the past, an upward trend in the last two months changed the scenario.

The rise in global inflation and increased cost of living has caused necessities like fuel to have formed an increased portion of people’s budgets worldwide. Motorists were not alone in feeling the brunt.

Despite the recent drop in fuel prices—up to 60 fils per litre this month (August 2022)—it is still advisable to be proactive and make some necessary changes to your driving habits. As they say, money saved is money earned.

Read on to learn more as we discuss how efficient car usage is the need of the hour. 

While switching your favorite SUV for a smaller, more fuel-efficient car or an electric vehicle rental (EV) may seem like the obvious choice, you can continue driving your favorite car by making small but effective changes to your driving habits. 

Consider these tips you can follow to drive efficiently and spend less on fuel in the long run.

Drive Gently

Maintaining a constant speed will allow you to brake less, helping extend the life of your brake pads and conserving fuel. This tip will also ensure you have enough time to choose the best route, reducing time and fuel consumption.

Avoid Speeding

Constant increase and decrease in speed will result in higher consumption of fuel. Maintain safety and fuel efficiency by avoiding speeding while driving.

Use Cruise Control

Cruise Control is a common feature in most cars. Use this easy feature and set your cruise limit at your car's most fuel-efficient speed, especially when driving on the highway.

Plan Your Trip

Try to plan your trips ahead and opt for the shortest routes while using GPS. This tip will help maintain a steady driving speed and reduce driving time.

Maintain Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure every month to ensure it is at optimum levels. Tires with lower air levels can cause fuel consumption to increase.

Service Your Car Regularly

Keep your car in good shape by servicing its engine and changing the oil. Regular servicing of your vehicle significantly impacts its fuel usage.

Reduce AC Usage

Consider turning off your AC during cooler evenings and winter months and enjoy some fresh air. This tip can decrease your car's fuel consumption significantly.

Avoid Idling Your Car

If your trip includes multiple stops and longer wait times, consider turning off the ignition or using the Auto Start-Stop feature, if your car has it, to eliminate idle fuel consumption.

Sign Up For Rewards Programs

Some fuel companies offer customer rewards programs. Remember to sign up for them and collect your points on each visit. Redeem these points when you top up your fuel on your next visit.

Drive Less

For shorter trips, avoid using your car. Try walking to your destination, ride a bicycle or use the metro. This eco-friendly tip will help you keep fit and save money on fuel and parking.

If you're looking for a new car, choosing a vehicle with good fuel economy could be a smart move in the long run. The variety of fuel-efficient cars is increasing and becoming more affordable with the rise of technological advancements.

Whether you're looking for a fuel-efficient or eco-friendly option, opting for a rental car gives you a chance to assess your comfort before you decide to buy.

Here we’ve listed a few cars in Dubai for rent under each category:

  • Most fuel-efficient sedan: Mitsubishi Attrage
  • Most fuel-efficient crossover: Honda HR-V
  • Most fuel-efficient SUV for rent: Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Best electric car (EV): Tesla Model 3

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