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Arab Crypto Cap is the first of its kind in Arabic language that presents the prices of cryptocurrency against currencies of Arab countries, such as Bitcoin price in UAE dirhams and XRP price is Saudi Riyals. It also provides the prices of cryptocurrencies in international currencies. The website functions instantly to update rate list according to the updates of international market.       

Knowledge Services of Arab Crypto Cap

In addition to publishing currencies rates, Arab Crypto Cap team issues articles in trading education to help traders, particularly beginners, to learn about the correct trading methods. It also provides analyses of the future of currencies, such as changes that may occur to the price of bitcoin. Also, the website publishes the latest news on trading market. Due to all such services, Arab Crypto Cap has become a significant Arabic reference in the trading market.

The Most Significant Currencies in Arab Crypto Cap

Visitors of Arab Crypto Cap can review news and rates of different currencies, including:

Ripple (XRP)

XRP is one of the most important currencies used in the international trading market and the most famous cryptocurrency. Arab Crypto Cap publishes the rate of XRP price in many Arab currencies, the most common of which are Bahraini dinar and Saudi riyals. What makes this currency special is that it is originally a company working on digital payment processing system. In no time, the company was able to outperform international technology companies due to its outstanding services and its interest.

Bitcoin (BTC)

BTC is the first digital currency and it is secured by encryption. It was launched in 2009. Bitcoin was mainly initiated to be used in payments that are not subject to government control or currency fee. In the beginning, BTC’s rate was 0.003 cent per currency. Currently, its rate has jumped dramatically. Arab Crypto Cap instantly presents the rate of Bitcoin price against AED and KWD.

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