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NFT Expo to open more trade avenues


Top officials during a press conference in Dubai.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

Dubai is a hub for hosting global mega events. The world’s biggest NFT Expo 2022 would open its doors to the public in August this year in the City of Wonders.

This was revealed by Dr Munir Ahmad Chaudhary, CEO of the Office of  Sheikh Abdul Hakim Al Maktoum and Chairman of Aspire World Investment Group recently during a press in Dubai.

He noted that the six-day event would commence on August 11 and will run until August 16, adding that the show would attract foreign diplomats, exhibitors, experts, government officials and business heavyweights of different companies.

“We have over 100 partners who have managed to sponsor our events and investments to help Businessman, investors, individual and young upcoming investors thrive well in business.”

“Our company thrives in providing platforms where over 35 sectors such as the startups, IT, oil and gas, digital business, crypto trading exchange and so much more, can be able to exhibit in our world largest investment expo.”

“Over the years we take the crown of holding more that 68 investment events, expo successfully, hence being able to bring the greatest improvement in the infrastructure, industrial, corporate, academic etc.”

“All the startup sponsors, exhibit sponsor, flag sponsors, the continent sponsors and the tittle sponsors have a small fee depending on the sponsorship program they take, which in the end has a wholesome benefit worth the investment they make.” Dr Munir concluded.

Sheikh Mian Khurrum Aftab, CEO, AEV Mobile Pvt. Limited stated that the UAE’s company inculcating the corporate philosophy, AWI has brought a world-class invention of the new electric vehicle, that will help reduce the cost of petroleum consumption of the normal vehicles to a better and effective version.

“This project not only reduce the cost of travel consumption but also contributes to the mankind by lowering the carbon footprints to a considerable level, since over the years the world has been facing an adverse impact of climate change, Aspire Investments Group together with AEV Pvt. limited has launched the AEV Motors to effectively reduce the carbon pollution.”

This electric vehicle invention will also be available to those having already petroleum existing vehicles and would want to change it to the automated electric version, it’s a big opportunity for everyone.” Aftab concluded.

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