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Top business setup consultancy Connect Services Middle East expands its services in Saudi Arabia


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In an effort towards expanding its operations, the largest business setup consultancy Connect Services Middle East is expanding its operations in Saudi Arabia. This highly prestigious consultancy agency is offering its unparalleled business solutions in this new region; targeted to investors and entrepreneurs that want to start a company in this area of the Middle East.

Subsequently, this move is in line with the company’s ambitious expansion plans. As a result, their agents will be providing their premium services to clients all over Saudi Arabia. Investors looking for business setup consultants in Dubai can benefit from the company’s sophisticated, tailor-made services.

As a result, Connect Services Middle East is aiming to contribute to the Kingdom’s economy by helping local companies to streamline their services. In this way, they will be helping the region by bringing and supporting foreigners to start their business setup in Saudi Arabia.

According to Aaron Portero, managing director of Connect Services Middle East: “This new change will be a key action in our establishment as a leading business setup consultancy agency in the Middle East. Therefore, expanding operations to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia means that we will be entering one of the largest markets in the Middle Eastern region. Ultimately, reaching new levels in the Kingdom’s business area.”

About Connect Services Middle East

Connect Services Middle East has been providing its consultancy services for more than 6 years in the United Arab Emirates. As a result, they have turned into a powerhouse for businesses and solutions hubs in the region. They exclusively offer their top-notch custom-made services to Offshore, Free Zone, and Mainland organizations.

They have a team of professional agents that provide business solutions to organizations that need them. Consequently, their clients can streamline their processes while having extra time to focus on their core responsibilities. In this way, they can grow and expand into new territories. The agency can support companies to build their business from the ground up and succeed while doing so.

Ultimately, having this expansion will be a great way to keep uplifting Saudi Arabia’s economy, taking it to the highest levels and helping to cement its reputation as a leading business region in the United Arab Emirates. Similarly, Connect Services Middle East will be keeping its status as a top business setup consultant in the Middle East. It will be a favorable situation for all parties involved.

Connect Services Middle East’s Services

Now, Saudi Arabia can access the wide range of services that Connect Services Middle East offers, including but not limited to:

Business Services

This company provides business services that will allow investors to have the necessary support for their companies. These include corporate sponsorship services, freelance visa Dubai services, HR outsourcing, PRO services, and more.

Connect Services Middle East is well-known for its HR outsourcing services that they have been providing since 1998. Through the years, they have grown to become the largest consultancy of their kind in the United Arab Emirates.

Business Setup

Their main service right now is company formation in Dubai and other Emirates. Therefore, their team is focused on giving new investors the tools and resources they need to establish themselves in their region with no effort. Consequently, businesses will have all they need to succeed and gradually expand throughout the Middle East.

With a business setup service, foreigners will be able to start their process with the support of professional agents that know the local language and laws. Subsequently, they can guide entrepreneurs through this overwhelming procedure. Allowing them to find business Setup in the UAE Free Zone, Mainland, and Offshore to establish their headquarters.

Business Centers

To allow businesses to form in the United Arab Emirates, Connect Services Middle East provides business owners with a variety of business centers in Dubai to select from. In the same way, this company has a wide range of work environments all over the UAE.

With their expansion, the Connect Services Middle East team is looking to provide business centers all over the Kingdom too. Allowing growing enterprises to find a perfect place to settle and upgrade with time. As well as acquiring new services to go with their new workspaces.

Business license

Lastly, Connect Services Middle East provides Dubai Mainland license and other types of business licenses such as trade, tourism, industrial, professional, e-commerce, and freelance. With this license, business owners can start trading after they are settled in their physical headquarters.

Having a business license in the United Arab Emirates means that businesses are in total compliance with the local laws and regulations. Additionally, it gives the government a record of how many companies are trading in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Connect Services Middle East’s main goals

From this expansion, Connect Services Middle East expects to help investors reach new opportunities to create new businesses. Their main goal is to support innovation, giving room to new ideas that help Saudi Arabia’s economy.

In the same way, they are supporting the government’s decision of trying to stay away from oil and gas businesses. As a result, they will be giving priority to business ideas in the fields of tourism, transportation, technology, consultancy, and others. This will allow Saudi Arabia’s economy to gain more independence from the oil and gas regime and ultimately, find new ways to obtain economic support.

With the incrementing vibrant tourism of Saudi Arabia, analysts are predicting that more people will be interested in finding ways to start a business in the region once they see the benefits of trading in this top economy.

As a result, by expanding its company to Saudi Arabia, Connect Services Middle East will be able to tap into the market and also help newcomers enter the region easily. Basing new companies in Saudi Arabia will allow entrepreneurs to enjoy the benefits of investing in a new culture and give them a chance to jump into exciting new horizons with more possibilities for success, as well as becoming an industry leader in their particular field.