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DCCI announces formation of UAE Pharma Business Group

Officials during the UAE Pharma Business Group meeting.

Officials during the UAE Pharma Business Group meeting.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has announced the formation of the UAE Pharma Business Group, which aims to establish a framework to promote and support the growth of local manufacturers of medicine within the UAE, GCC and internationally.

The group is expected to welcome 50 member companies who will represent expertise across key sub-sectors in the pharmaceutical industry and support the UAE’s ambitions to become a leading hub for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical device manufacturing industry.

The business group will provide an ideal platform for companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry to voice their concerns and share their feedback on regulation impacting industry stakeholders with the support and guidance of Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

The UAE Pharma Business Group was recently launched during a meeting between member companies and representatives from Dubai Chamber of Commerce, which was held at the Chamber’s headquarters.

Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Chairman of the UAE Pharma Business Group and Managing Director of Dubai Science Park, said: “There is great scope for the UAE to become a leading hub for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical device manufacturing industry considering the great demand emerging not only locally, but also on a regional scale for quality medicine and health care.”

For his part, Mohammed Bin Sulaiman, Senior Manager of Business Relations, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, described the establishment of the UAE Pharma Business Group as an important step in aligning the efforts of key stakeholders and boosting the sector’s competitiveness. He stressed the crucial role that business groups play in supporting Dubai’s sustainable growth as these organisations draw on combined expertise and capabilities.

As a facilitator for business groups and councils in Dubai, Dubai Chamber of Commerce aims to boost commerce between the business communities of Dubai and enhance relations between Dubai and other countries around the world.

Dubai Chambers is a non-profit public entity that supports Dubai’s vision as a global player by empowering businesses, providing innovative value-added services and access to influential networks. In March 2021, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced the restructuring of Dubai Chamber and the formation of three chambers for the emirate, namely, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai International Chamber, and Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, which now operate under Dubai Chambers.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce has announced the establishment of the Dubai Council for Wooden Ships recently, a new business group that will support the wooden ships sector in Dubai by unifying voices of member companies.

The business group, operating as a non-profit body under the umbrella of Dubai Chamber of Commerce, will serve common interests and tackle sector challenges through cooperation with relevant authorities in the emirate.

Joined by a wide variety of businesses in this sector in Dubai, the group provides a platform for member companies to share knowledge and policy recommendations, with the aim of improving ease of doing business in sector.

During a recent meeting, Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers, accompanied by the Chamber’s directors and top officials, met with Hamad Ahmed bin Fahad, Chairman of the Dubai Council of Wooden Ships, and the founding members, where they discussed opportunities to support the wooden ship sector, enhance the contribution of this sector to economic growth, and support the private sector.

The two sides also discussed coordinating joint efforts and set priorities for the future, key issues impacting the wooden ship sector and market demand, especially in Asia and Africa.

Buamim said the establishment of the Dubai Council for Wooden Ships is an important development that will support the development of the sector and offer more clarity on market trends, challenges and opportunities.

He described the first meeting with the Board of Directors of the Dubai Council for Wooden Ships as positive and constructive, and added that the Chamber would work closely with the new business group and the concerned government entities to address existing challenges and develop solutions to address them.

“Wooden merchant ships have played a key role in the economic growth of Dubai, as wooden merchant ships have been and still are the commercial artery of small and medium ports in the regional ports, the Indian subcontinent and East Africa. They are also part of the most important components of the emirate’s tourism and cultural board. It also supports the prosperity of Dubai’s foreign trade movement, which exceeded Dhs5 billion via commercial wooden ships in 2020,” Hamad Ahmed bin Fahad explained.


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