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Saudi 2030 Vision will further entice tourism and hospitality market


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Saudi 2030 Vision excites and inspires us, for its immense impact it will have on the tourism for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said Fahad Alsulami, General Manager of RAWNAQ.

RAWNAQ is ecstatic in showcasing and welcoming nationals and residents from neighbouring countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and further afield to be blown away by Saudi Arabia’s beauty and raising awareness of the Saudi 2030 Vision, said Fahad.

Beyond luxury, RAWNAQ Tourism is one of the most ultra-luxurious tourism corporations based in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and opening its doors to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia next month!

Experience an unforgettable vacation; leave all the usual logistics at the door, RAWNAQ has you covered. Find a variety of services such as flights, private jets, elite hotels, yachts, villas and five-star personal services for luxury destinations all over the world.

Expect warm Arabian hospitality, RAWNAQ’s main purpose to bring Saudi Arabia closer to the world, supporting the goal of the Saudi Vision 2030 and opening opportunities for travel and tourism in Saudi Arabia - with a warm welcome.

Exuding a world of refinement, RAWNAQ brings friends and families together in magical ways that help you rediscover the most precious gift of all: time together. There are ample opportunities to reconnect with one another and make lifelong memories. Kick off your sandals and allow your toes sink in to the sandy white beaches, be present and allow RAWNAQ to handle every aspect of your vacation. The privacy is perhaps its greatest asset, making it the perfect choice for those looking for complete solitude.

Unrivalled restaurants, water sports and activities showcasing an impressive selection of fresh seafood, safe and fun water activities - whether you’re in the mood for being a part of it all, or reading a book and watching the Maldives pass by – there is something for everyone. Oh, back to food - dining under the stars is also a must.

RAWNAQ is a leading supplier, wholesaler and ground handler for the Indian Ocean, specialising in the Maldives and surrounding islands in the Indian Ocean, since 2010. Operating from its Jeddah offices the team has felt the demand for offices in Riyadh.

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