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Explore beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina at Expo 2020

Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai.

Staff Reporter, Gulf Today

Bosnia and Herzegovina are one of 192 countries participating in Expo 2020 Dubai. Its pavilion is situated in the Opportunity district, providing you with insight into the country’s unparalleled uniqueness. A heart-shaped country with a rich culture and a deep-rooted industrial heritage, Bosnia and Herzegovina presents Expo visitors with a distinct, memorable experience.

Edin Forto, Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina said, said: “We are proud to be taking part in Expo 2020 Dubai, highlighting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s soul, hospitality, nature, connectivity, inspiring communities, innovation and more importantly, its diversity. The UAE has remained a welcoming melting pot of culture where tolerance and inclusion are predominant and remains a nation that leads by example, evidenced by our warm welcome into this global event and seamless exposure of our culture to the nationals, residents and visitors. We are grateful to be participating in Expo 2020 and look forward to introducing world travellers to the beauty of our country and investors to the prosperity of its business landscape, a highly skilled labour force, and thriving industries.”

Those scouting the pavilion for business opportunities will be welcomed by companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina presenting their projects. Key industries at B&H include the agriculture and food processing, forestry and wood, and metal processing industry; automotive parts and manufacturing; ICT sector; tourism and pharmaceutical industry.

Adnan Delić, Minister of Economy of Sarajevo Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina said, “The country’s natural wealth combined with its technical resources results in a thriving, competitive space, especially given its excellent location and wide range of natural resources as well as its fertile land, rivers, forests, and mountains. Globally, Bosnia and Herzegovina excels in the production of various goods, from organic and un-organic substances and pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, textiles, metals, various household products and more, making it a wealth of investment opportunities.”

On the other hand, those visiting the pavilion to discover the essence of the country will be met with authentic tastes of Bosnian coffee and food and will certainly be inspired to explore all the country’s attractive locations within an authentic Bosnian setting. With options ranging from beaches at the mesmerising Adriatic Sea or ski resorts at the Olympic mountains around Sarajevo, to kayaking or rafting at some of the last free-flowing rivers in Europe, visitors will be spoilt for choice when planning their next trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina might be difficult to pronounce, but it is easy to love. Its people put their hearts and souls into everything they do and are inviting you to open your heart to this heart-shaped country and visit the pavilion at Expo 2020’s Opportunity district, where people are transforming dreams and aspirations into the realities of tomorrow.

Bosnia and Herzegovina are globally competitive in the production of a wide range of goods, including organic and inorganic compounds and pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, textiles, clothing and footwear, leather goods, food products, metal products, wood and paper products, as well as various household items. To find out more about investment opportunities, beautiful sights and inspirational people.

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