Entrepreneur Rohit Khosla is a man with superlative qualities. Here’s what makes him stand out! - GulfToday

Entrepreneur Rohit Khosla is a man with superlative qualities. Here’s what makes him stand out!


Rohit Khosla.

There’s a reason why entrepreneurs are tremendously successful in their fields. Is it because they have a good knack for business? Certainly! Besides having a great business intellect, many attributes count in the successful run of entrepreneurs. Rohit Khosla, one of the eminent names in the field of entrepreneurship has built a name for himself because of his work ethos and in-depth knowledge about business operations.

Drawing inspiration from his father Mr. Kamal Khosla, the young lad is highly qualified having an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship from the acclaimed Oxford University. Not only he has equipped himself with vast theoretical knowledge, but Mr. Khosla before climbing the ladder of success joined the reputed R.K. International Group, an HR Consultancy and Oil & Gas organization incorporated by his father four decades ago.

Taking the legacy ahead, Rohit was adamant about expanding his business ventures across different fields. As much as he is exposed to running an array of businesses, the entrepreneur’s discipline, dedication and curiosity to learn new things has changed the game for him. When Rohit was asked if he ever thought of doing a job in a corporate giant, he said, “Initially, I did think of it but I was clear to create a brand rather than be part of a brand or an organisation.”

As of today, Rohit is not just managing R.K. International Group, but there are many other parent companies managed by him. New Delhi Medical Centre, Gulf Visa Services, Khosla Travels Pvt. Ltd., New Star Medical Centre, Gulf Medical Centre, Khosla Transport Company, R.K. International Skill Development Centres and Khosla Exim Pvt. Ltd are other companies that are overlooked by Mr. Khosla. Running multiple businesses simultaneously is not a cakewalk. However, the affluent entrepreneur’s quality of time management has made it a seamless process.

Furthermore, he said, “I was well aware that sailing in many boats would not be possible. Therefore, I invested my time in growing a company after which I gave a thought to expansion.” Under his leadership, he not just wants the organisation to grow but also helps the employees working under him to meet their professional goals.