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Nurturing future local talent


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In line with its commitment to nurturing future local talent, GE, in partnership with non-profit organisation, INJAZ UAE, is hosting the ‘STEM for the Next 50’ Innovation Camp for female students from December 5 - 9 at Expo 2020 Dubai. The camp will be driven with the support of over 50 GE volunteers from across the company.

Held in celebration of the UAE’s Golden Jubilee, the week-long programme aims to promote education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the UAE by encouraging over 250 female participants between the ages of 14 and 16, both UAE nationals and residents, to pursue careers in STEM.

The programme will engage students through critical thinking and problem-solving modules to find innovative solutions to challenges around the energy transition. In addition, students will be empowered to expand their horizons through mentorship by senior GE executives who will provide real-world examples, and help students apply various entrepreneurial skills as they focus on solving the proposed challenge.

The students will be divided into groups and will be tasked with submitting an innovative solution to a specific energy transition challenge that will test their skills and abilities. Their solutions will be presented to a panel of judges including senior GE executives from across industries. These entries will be evaluated at the end of the week and one winning team will be given job-shadowing opportunities at GE. All students will also receive a certification of participation.

Dr Dalya Al Muthanna, President - UAE and Global Chief of Strategy & Operations for GE International Markets, said: “GE’s commitment to developing talent has always been ingrained in its strategy. As a pioneer in corporate leadership development and home to a thousand researchers and innovators changing the technology landscape, we are excited to share some of these learnings to the future female leaders in STEM. Our commitment to the UAE dates back 50 years, and today’s camp is another step to demonstrate our humble support to the nation in its ambitious journey towards its centenary. We admire the UAE’s leadership in its ability to continuously re-invent itself, break boundaries and reach for the stars and as a global company operating with a local mindset, we are proud to be developing some of the future leaders of tomorrow who will make the UAE aspirations a reality.” Razan Bashiti, CEO - INJAZ UAE, added: “We are pleased to partner with GE to advance two of our biggest priorities - STEM education and recruiting female talent into the workforce of the future. This programme will give students the opportunity to use their creativity and innovation to solve real-world problems and thrive in STEM careers.” GE has built a long-standing partnership with the UAE over the last 50 years and is committed to continuing to help the nation realise its ambitions for the future. Over the years, GE has worked on numerous initiatives to bring STEM to diverse communities in the region and globally.

This includes GE Garages Workshops where primary-aged girls built fully functioning robots using 3D-printed parts they made themselves; supporting and running “Girls Who Code” workshops for middle- and high-school aged girls aimed at closing the gender gap in technology; and most recently, Next Engineers, a global college-readiness programme that will provide students ages 13 to 18 with hands-on exposure to engineering concepts and careers and ultimately award scholarships to pursue engineering degrees. By 2030, the programme aims to reach more than 85,000 students in approximately 25 cities globally.

Japanese innovations: ‘PLANET JAPAN by M-TEchX’ exhibition will showcase world-class advanced Japanese technologies, products, services, and culture at Dubai Exhibition Centre, Dubai Expo 2020 site from December 2- 4, 2021.

 Organised under the theme of ‘Next Generation of Industrial Revolution’, the key highlight of the event will be the showcase of ‘Magic Fiber - the world’s most advanced Nanofiber created using M-TEchX’s proprietary manufacturing technology.

A wide range of proprietary M-TEchX products developed using the world’s first nanofibre mass production technology, including oil absorbents, fibres, sound absorbing, insulating and agricultural material, apparel, medical care, defense products, etc. will be featured at this exclusive event. M-TEchX is a Tokyo-headquartered company that specialises in diverse lines of business involving Japan’s most advanced technologies, including the world’s first nanofibre mass production system.

In partnership with more than 20 Japan and UAE-based companies and organisations, PLANET JAPAN by M-TEchX will exclusively highlight Japan’s cutting-edge technology, renowned quality control and unrivalled service, and is set to spark a new industrial revolution in the Middle East, spearheaded by M-TEchX’s own specialized nanotechnology-driven product lines.

Hiroyoshi Sota, CEO of M-TEchX, said: “Japan is an acknowledged advanced country and M-TEchX plays a key role in the country’s world-renowned technological development by developing revolutionary nanotechnology-based innovations involving more than 100 applications and products.”

Sota added: “Japan has so many cutting-edge technologies, products, services, and entertainment activities that it can seem like another planet altogether. In keeping with this image we are calling our upcoming exhibition ‘PLANET Japan’.”

Nanofibers are known as the ‘Super material of the future’ due to their special performance and effects they can provide for a variety of products. While various countries around the world are conducting research and development into nanofibers on a national level, M-TEchX has already succeeded in mass-producing the world’s first nanofibers, using its unique technology. Magic Fiber has saved lives from natural disasters and environmental catastrophes.

According to Sota, M-TEchX, founded in 2015, has initiated a global expansion programme, while offering exceptional nanotechnology-based solutions to solve problems that the world is facing.

“Our company’s mission is to create miracles by tapping into the huge potential of technology to resolve various challenges faced by the society. Nanofibers can solve tons of problems by providing cost-effective, safe, and reliable solutions for a number of industries. For instance, the global regenerative medicine market size is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 20.5% and will reach $79.33 billion by 2026. The market is primarily driven by the rising prevalence of chronic diseases globally such as cancer, and diabetes. Magic Fiber is gaining recognition as an essential material for regenerative medicine as it can adapt to cells and turn itself into a part of the defective tissue. Our event will introduce cutting-edge regenerative medicine technology and related products as well”, further added Sota.

PLANET JAPAN by M-TEchX will highlight the pioneering medical technology of M-TEchX’s partner companies encompassing a disinfectant spray that is not only effective against coronavirus but also very safe for human usage. Furthermore, visitors at the exhibition will witness the introduction of the world’s first wireless earphones with an AI noise cancelling function to deliver exceptionally clear sound to the other party. Featuring a health-monitoring function, the device is expected to be widely used in industrial applications.

The entertainment zone at the exhibition will feature live stage performances by Japan’s renowned Takarazuka Revue, an all-woman musical theatre company, with a history of more than 100 years. Delicious Japanese cuisine will also be on offer in the exhibition’s dining zone, while the diverse attractions of Kumamoto Prefecture as a Japanese regional government department will also be introduced.

Talking about the Middle East plans, Sota says, ‘We aim to create an industrial revolution in the Middle East through our unique Nanofiber technology, its products, and its varied application and reach out to the whole world with our technological innovation. As the UAE commemorates its 50th anniversary this year, and, as the country, under its wise and visionary leadership, focuses on a knowledge-based economy powered by the latest high-tech innovations and trends, both M-TEchX along with its partner companies are at the forefront of the UAE’s bold national ambitions and fully supportive of the national cause.”


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