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Dulsco, an integrated solutions provider and the Official Waste Management Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, inaugurates the Waste2Resource Journey

Dubai: Dulsco, an integrated solutions provider and the Official Waste Management Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, inaugurates the Waste2Resource Journey, an interactive stand, showcasing its diverse sustainability initiatives as a leading provider for environmental solutions and raising awareness about sustainability practices.

Members of Dulsco’s Leadership Team inaugurated the stand which is located on Sunrise Avenue between Norway & Columbia pavilions at the Opportunity district of Expo 2020 and is a platform that allows visitors of all ages to learn waste segregation and the journey every type of waste discarded at Expo 2020 makes. The interactive stand showcases Dulsco’s recycling facilities and initiatives that are explained through entertaining visuals and serve to provide thoughtful incentives for visitors to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives by outlining the “4 Rs”- reduce, reuse, repurpose & recycle, and its influence on the circular economy.

David Stockton, CEO of Dulsco, said: “We are delighted to be part of Expo 2020 Dubai. This monumental global event is being held for the first time in the region, and constitutes a platform for dialogue, communication, access to best practices, as well as innovations and technologies offered by countries, institutions, and companies from around the world.”

The substantial turnout for Expo 2020 Dubai is an opportunity for Dulsco and partners alike to highlight the importance of protecting the environment, preserving resources, and reducing waste, as means to aid a circular economy. We encourage the adoption of practices that contribute to enhancing sustainability and encourage a culture of recycling in society. The Waste2Resource Journey raises the interactions of students and adults and exemplifies their eagerness to participate in educational games with their friends and colleagues, to share knowledge and collaborate proactively to generate awareness.

In addition, visitors will enjoy an interactive experience with Dulsco’s Mascot “Birdy”, launched to lead its awareness campaigns. Birdy is a friendly character that will guide both kids and adults through the waste segregation journey by being their “Recycling Assistant”. The bird was chosen from an environmental perspective, as birds have a great ecological value in nature; they provide insect and rodent control, plant pollination, and seed dispersal, amongst others which are important elements to our ecosystem, and is in line with our message. They are also very kind, approachable, and intelligent creatures.

s part of its partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai, Dulsco aims to divert 85% of waste away from landfills using different treatments, methods, and solutions, Dulsco has placed branded waste receptacles throughout the Expo 2020 site to allow visitors to segregate their waste properly.  These bins have been provided in three colours, each designated for a specific type of waste; Blue bins are designated for Mixed Recyclables, Black for Landfill and Green for Organic waste. Additionally in some areas are Yellow Bins for waste related to “Covid-19”. In the back of house areas, containers for used cooking oil have been provided; used oil is recycled into biofuel to power Dulsco’s waste vehicles on-site ensuring a circular economy and a reduction in the carbon footprint.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the booth for information on waste management solutions and how sustainability efforts are powering better and safer communities globally.

Meanwhile, the influence of new technology is accelerating at substantial speed, not least in the logistics industry. With the recent woes of supply chain bottlenecks and the disruption in global trade and operations during and after the pandemic, companies like Asyad Group are investing in R&D to employ big data  and emerging technologies to develop sustainable solutions, and future-proof a more resilient global supply chain. Having launched its tradetech initiative, Tech Try, in 2020, it has now set its sights on the biggest cultural gathering in the world, Expo 2020 Dubai to seize its world-wide platform. In collaboration with Hypermotion Dubai and the Sultanate’s technology arm, Omantel, and leveraging Kaggle Days’ extensive network, Asyad Global Logistics Challenge has drawn master data scientists, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and creative thinkers for two fast-paced competitions that challenge them to solve some of the issues faced in the industry today.

While data-driven concepts have been used in the logistics sector for decades, it is believed that the full potential of data has yet to be unlocked. Regularly used for predictive analytics in relation to route optimization, performance monitoring, inventory management and all aspects of the supply chain, data is also able to help organizations with smart early warning techniques and strategic prevention methodology. Yet big gaps remain, not least in addressing the disruption presented by the pandemic, and the race is now on to harness data as a core competency, and use it to drive decision-making and ultimately, empower a more future-proof sector.

“To be a global leader in logistics, and to stay ahead of the curve, we have to constantly think of game-changing ideas and solutions. With the introduction of 4IR technologies, the exponential growth of e-commerce, and the broadening scope of demand for logistics solutions, data has become a crucial tool for operational optimization and the development of new services. The Asyad Global Logistics Challenge has given us a great opportunity to capitalize on the wealth of data we possess, to re-think the way we do things, re-define our data-driven approach and re-imagine a smarter future,” said Abdulrahman Al Hatmi, Asyad Group CEO.

“With their technological aptitude, their ability to adapt to emerging imperatives such as agility, customer centricity and the need to constantly innovate, young and dynamic data professionals and startups will optimize our operations, and help us create a more resilient ecosystem which will ultimately propel our growth.”

Building on a long-standing tradition of many tech companies, the Asyad Global Logistics Hackathon will provide 45 data scientists from Oman, UAE, Belgium, India, Turkey, Australia, Morocco, Belarus, Brazil, Ukraine, Iraq and Pakistan, a chance to showcase their skills and share ideas on how to solve real-world logistics problems. These include vessel maintenance prediction, vessel fuel and route optimization, marine sensors using IoT, emissions monitoring, and Ports asset damage identification using image processing. Almost 600 applications were received from all over the world, with those shortlisted being provided training workshops and mentorship from eight Asyad leaders, including the first Omani Merchant Shipping Master, Alaa Aziz. The participants will then spend nine hours working on their solutions which are continuously evaluated by AI algorithms.

 The Asyad Logistics Startup Challenge includes the participation of 12 companies from Oman, UAE, Netherlands, USA, Australia, and Qatar. The Asyad Group incubators, Smart Logistics and Octobox, are also part of the line-up. Challenged across six key growth pillars for mobility and transport logistics, namely artificial intelligence, cyber security, robotics, logistics, smart mobility and drones, participants will be vying for $50,000 in prize money and the chance to pitch to local and international investors.

Focusing on areas like Last Mile, freight companies, freight forwarders, transportation, and container handling, the companies will have the support of expert-led mentorship clinics to prepare them for their pitches. Mentors include Irina Albanese, Head of Innovation MEA, DHL Innovation Center; Tala Al Ansari, Director - Innovation Ecosystem, EXPO 2020; Nelio Leone, CEO & Founder, Urban Monks; and Elliot Denham, Senior Associate Manager of Startup Programs, DTEC.

Determined by a panel of global experts including Ghaith Al Darmaki, CTO, ASYAD Group; Baha Allawati, VP Enterprise, Omantel; Hussein Wehbe, Entrepreneur & Logistics Expert; Nancy Assaad, Founder, The Marketing Boutique & Member, Young Arab Leaders; Essam Disi, Director of Strategy & Policy, Dubai SME; Rabih Khoury, Managing Partner & Chief Exit Officer, Middle East Venture Partners; and Khalifa Al Qama, Director of Future Labs, Dubai Future Foundation. Asyad will be able to tap into fresh, potentially industry-transforming solutions that otherwise might not have been considered.

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