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Aqdar World Summit empowers sustainable investment


The Aqdar World Summit is an initiative by the Khalifa Empowerment programme.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre has participated for the second time in the activities of the fourth session of Aqdar World Summit, which was held this year under the slogan “Positive Global Citizenship - Enabling Sustainable Investment Opportunities”, from Oct.24 to 30, 2021 at the Dubai Exhibition Centre (Expo 2020). The Centre participates in this summit as a cultural partner.

The centre’s participation in the summit activities included a workshop which was hosted by Amina Al Hammadi, head of the cultural tours department at the Centre, and entitled “Positive Citizenship: Testimonies and Images from Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque”, within four main axes. The first axis dealt with the authenticity of the concepts of positive citizenship established by the founding father in the UAE society.

The second axis indicated to the centre’s embodiment of positive citizenship concepts through its programmes that aim at preparing a generation reflecting positive Emirati personality, including the Ibn Al-Dar programme and the small cultural guide.

The third axis presented vivid images of positive citizenship through the Mosque’s practices and offerings to millions of visitors from different cultures of the world, under the supervision of an elite group of citizens who reflect the bright image of the UAE nationals and their ability to communicate with everyone on the basis of tolerance, coexistence and respect.

The fourth pillar highlighted the reflection of the positive spirit of citizenship in the mosque by enhancing its position on the world’s tourism map as one of the best cultural destinations in the world.

The Centre participated through a pavilion that showcased its pivotal role in conveying the UAE’s civilised image, and the spirit and messages of positive citizenship of the centre’s programmes, activities and events.

The pavilion introduced visitors to the mosque and the masterpieces of Islamic architecture and its arts throughout the ages, through an interactive screen that took them on a virtual journey between its stunning architectural details and its unique belongings, in addition to screens displaying the most prominent exhibitions organised by the centre as part of its cultural role, such as the ‘Hajj: Memories of a Journey’ and ‘ Coins of Islam: History Revealed ‘ exhibitions.

The mosque’s platform at the summit witnessed a wide turnout from various world cultures, and visitors were introduced to the mosque’s message in promoting tolerance and coexistence among cultures, which embodies the vision and values of the UAE’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The Aqdar World Summit is an initiative by the Khalifa Empowerment programme and is a global platform that allows leaders and decision-makers, experts and specialists and leading companies and institutions from across the globe to discuss local and international issues related to the empowerment of communities with their humanitarian, cultural and intellectual dimensions in order to provide a bright future for communities globally.

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