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Richard Yu and Colin Yurcisin on how to optimize business resources

Richard Yu and Colin Yurcisin

Richard Yu and Colin Yurcisin.

Resource optimization is the delicate backbone that holds together every plan that a business implements. Business resources at your disposal can include the capital you have access to and the staff you employ.

For many startups, the initial business resources available to them may be low, meaning that utilizing and optimizing every resource is essential. We consulted successful entrepreneurs Richard Yu and Colin Yurcisin for their insights on how best to optimize business resources.

Credit expert Colin Yurcisin is the founder of Credit Class, an educational platform that coaches high-performance entrepreneurs and helps them achieve financial freedom. Richard Yu is also a notable name in the world of consulting.

As an online business consultant and founder of an educational institution, Richard Yu has focused on helping consultants build their customer base and increase their sales.

According to Colin Yurcisin, resource optimization can be the key to taking a small startup and transforming it into a thriving business. Richard Yu shares that to fully optimize your business resources, you first need to evaluate all of your company’s available assets.

He shares that when businesses undertake this task, they often find overlooked or underestimated resources that have always been within their reach. Colin Yurcisin shares that one of the easiest ways to optimize your business resources is to limit multi-tasking.

Although this may sound counterproductive, he explains that encouraging multi-tasking within your organization can lead to strained resources and a lack of focus within your employees.

Often overlooked but always important, developing the ability to optimize your business resources can help you save both time and capital. According to Richard Yu and Colin Yurcisin, making the most of your business’s resources can increase your productivity and revenue. So it is always worth asking yourself what your resources can do for you.