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A premium product speaks for itself — Oni Seed Co.

ONI Seed

Digital marketing and media promotion seem to be the best way to increase brand awareness. Yet, it seems that if you have a premium product that speaks for itself, you can go down the traditional route for brand promotion. It seems to be working for Oni Seed Co.

Oni Seed Co is a cannabis merchandise and seed brand founded in 2017, shortly after the legalization of cannabis in California in 2016. The company was born in Los Angeles and since opening, has grown above and beyond due to word of mouth.

With award-winning products and a loyal customer base, Oni Seed Co has grown exponentially with little to no promotion. Their famous strain is Tropicana Cookies, which has won multiple awards for best flower, flavor, and concentration throughout its time.

The company offers unmatched products and guaranteed customer satisfaction, so it seems that the products and brand owners do not need to do much more. Word of mouth is believed to be the way forward for Oni Seed Co thinkers. It has worked thus far and has helped the brand grow above and beyond.

Behind the brand are passionate cannabis growers and partners, Nicolas Handler and Zachary “Doc” Victor. These partners are well-known breeders of the best cannabis strains. Hence, this has offered more expertise and a more established name behind the brand.

With this continued success and name for themselves, Oni Seed Co hopes to expand their name through opening a Las Vegas store, coffee shops in America, and opening in the European market when legalization occurs there.

More advertising through word of mouth will soon help the brand achieve these goals. It is no surprise that they have achieved great success so far as they offer unparalleled products and always work to make their customers happy.