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VOBARA brings personality to its custom jewelry

Alex Arabov.

Jewelry has long been used as a personalized ornament that allows the wearer to express their personality, wealth, and status. According to a report published by M. Shahbandeh for Statista, the jewelry market is expected to increase from "230 billion US dollars in 2020 to 292 billion dollars in 2025."

With the value of the jewelry market growing, so does the demand from consumers. This increased demand for jewelry could lead to an oversaturation of jewelers competing for sales and struggling to keep up with trends and customer needs. VOBARA is one jewelry company who is already anticipating their clients' needs by offering a unique touch to their work.

VOBARA owner, Alex Arabov, was inspired to start his own jewelry company by watching his father and uncle, Jacob the Jeweler, founder of Jacob & Co. watches, work their way up in the jewelry industry together. Alex created the company name VOBARA, his last name spelled backward, to pay tribute to his father, who unfortunately passed away when Alex was eight years old.

VOBARA offers customers a personalized experience with every jewelry purchase, and specializes in creating custom-made pieces tailored to each client's specific wants and needs. VOBARA targets the hip-hop/urban market, and has created many works for successful clients such as Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Quincy Combs, and King Combs, among others.

VOBARA is based in Miami and is one of the few local jewelers whose name is synonymous with beautifully crafted custom hip-hop jewelry at affordable prices. The company ensures they can make any creative vision come true within the budget each client has. VOBARA never cuts corners on the quality offered within each piece, ensuring they maintain the clean-cut aura the company is known for.

Although many jewelers globally can offer custom-made jewelry, Alex emphasizes that VOBARA is not "out to post the most bling or most expensive watches; we make sure that all the content we put out shows quality." In the jewelry industry, many sellers are out to make the most money rather than offer the best quality to customers, and one advantage to VOBARA's custom jewelry is the honesty they give to clients.

Alex explains that honesty isn't always easy to find within the niche of custom jewelry and that often "people offer amazing deals, selling the products as something they may not be.

We pride ourselves in making sure the customer knows what they are getting and being fully transparent. We may not provide the deal of a lifetime but we offer fair prices for quality work."

Arabov is working hard toward new avenues in the custom jewelry space, such as developing a flagship store for VOBARA.

The company hopes to have a flagship store up and running in the next year and is excited for all the new customers they can cater to following the opening.

The future looks bright for VOBARA. With the top quality and service offered with every transaction, clients can take care knowing VOBARA is a company that will always be dedicated to making their creative visions become reality.