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Peter Tri and William Mcgirr list 3 ways to deliver customer satisfaction in the digital era

Peter Tri and William Mcgirr.

Peter Tri and William Mcgirr.

Customer satisfaction is the driving force for businesses today. In an age where customers value experiences over things, companies have their work cut out for them.

Peter Tri says that the evolving digital economy has made customer service a core component for businesses today. Customer experience can make or break businesses, points out William McGirr.

So how do businesses keep up with the shifting consumer needs and behaviors in the digital era? William McGirr notes that although digital transformation has made it necessary for companies to adjust their business models, these entities are not driving this change; it’s actually the consumers who are doing it.

Therefore, to keep up with the evolving customer demands in the digital era and deliver customer satisfaction, here are three pointers as outlined by Peter Tri and William McGirr:

•  Define your customer service strategy

William McGirr points out that customer satisfaction is not something you can just wing and hope for the best. You need a clear strategy detailing how you intend to engage customers and what measures you’ll put in place to ensure their satisfaction.

Peter Tri states that most companies make the mistake of skipping this step, which is a crucial foundation for the next steps of customer satisfaction in the digital era.

•  Reimagine the customer journey

Customer experience is the top priority in the digital age, and every company should know this. For a long time, the customer journey has been guided by companies through their marketing efforts.

However, with customers taking control over the way businesses serve them, William McGirr and Peter Tri note that it is time to build new and exciting experiences for consumers. This is the best way to meet consumer demands, leading to their satisfaction.

•  Personalize customer experience

Once you have a strategy and have reimagined the journey, it is time to customize the experience to individual consumers. Peter Tri explains that consumers want companies to treat them as unique individuals and not lump them together as buyers.

William McGirr further states that you should be able to know the customer’s preferences and purchase history so as to personalize their experience. This is where data comes in handy.

The digital era has brought with it a digitally conscious customer. For businesses to survive and thrive in this new landscape, they must adapt to changing consumer habits and deliver what the customer wants.