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Juris Bruvers, a renowned Instagram influencer, and entrepreneur finally gets a verified profile

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Today making a name for oneself in any industry or field across the world is no walk in the park. Apart from the competitiveness that these industries produce, it also makes people envious of one another, where instead of focusing on their road to success, they end up paying all the attention to what others do.


This negative attitude has never helped individuals stand apart from others and have only taken them away from their desired goals and visions in life. However, they say genuine hard work, true passion and resilience always give the fruits one deserves, especially to those who are too busy in creating their unique success story in the choice of their industry.


Belonging to the latter category is one such high-performing social media influencer, online marketer and entrepreneur named Juris Bruvers, whose success has been a talk of the town ever since he has jumped into the digital realm. 


Wondering who Juris Bruvers is? Well, this passionate man is all of 17 years of age and still has managed to turn people's heads and grab eyeballs through his immaculate visions and skillset as a teenager entrepreneur in the digital media space. Hailing from Riga, Latvia, the outstanding media and marketing personality has truly stunned people with his successes in the industry. Moreover, it has made people more intrigued about his journey and his road to success.


This resulted in many impersonators making fake profiles of him on Instagram, which is his playground as an influencer and entrepreneur. As a famous Instagram influencer, people started impersonating him on the platform, which acted as a roadblock for the real Instagram influencer's verified profile. However, after constant reports, Instagram has finally verified his official handle.


Juris Bruvers has always shown his A-game with his personal branding skills, capitalizing the tools and strategies of Instagram and creating and curating techniques that can further take his clients to their next level of success. He is known for his extensive knowledge and expertise as an online marketer who knows how to scale the presence and visibility of businesses and brands in the online world. He is also a motivational speaker and has become an author as well, earning immense recognition as a public figure in the online space.


To know more, check out his verified handle on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/jurisbruvers/

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