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Progressive approach

Artists perform during the Expo 2020 Dubai opening ceremony.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Gulf Today

The Expo 2020 Dubai entered its second day on Saturday. The exhibitors and visitors are mesmerized about the mega event. Around 192 nations are exhibiting at the show. A leading businessmen and entrepreneurs shared their candid views with Gulf Today about long-term impact of Expo 2020 Dubai on UAE’s economic growth landscape. According to them the show would open more avenues for global investors to invest in Dubai.

Sanjeevv Bhatia, Chairman of SB Group International, CEO Netix Global BV:  The UAE is leading the world, in adopting the progressive approach necessary for a sustainable, more efficient, and innovation driven tomorrow. In fact, the Emirati real estate sector’s greatest strength is the dynamism of its stakeholders, who are adopting emerging technologies at an accelerated pace; and the guiding hand of visionary and progressive leaders like His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Expo 2020 event is the perfect platform to showcase this unique combination of strong roots, coupled with a holistic and aspirational vision, that is transforming the UAE into an economy and society that sets benchmarks for the world to emulate. We see the mega event as a timely forum for the UAE to showcase its vision; and host the global ecosystem of leaders, entrepreneurs, and technocrats; to promote collaborations that will usher in a connected, empowered, and sustainable future, worldwide.”

Adel Sajan, Managing Director of Danube Group: “The retail sector is getting ready for brisk business due to Expo 2020 – and is set to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once foreign tourists start to come in a big way, we will see them in shopping malls, souqs and that is when the sector will start to get the Expo 2020 windfall.

“By November, the retail sector will become abuzz with business activities. For the hospitality sector, the business has already come back. Events, exhibitions, conferences have already started to attract international visitors to Dubai and these are linked to the Expo 2020. So, the good days are back.

 Dr Sana Sajan, Managing Director of American Aesthetic Clinic: “Affluent people from all over the world has already started to come to Dubai. Many of them are here for the long haul – considering relocation – that has already increased the price of properties. We expect the healthcare sector to benefit from the Expo as well. We all are getting busy, after a prolonged low-season due to COVID-19 – which we have already successfully overcome.”

David Stockton,  CEO, Dulsco: Expo 2020 Dubai is not only the largest exhibition hosted by the emirate, but is also an unrivalled international showcase, and Dulsco would like to commend and congratulate the Rulers and the people of the UAE on this extraordinary accomplishment.  

What makes Expo 2020 Dubai so extraordinary is that it is a one-of-a-kind experience – one that celebrates creativity, innovation, humanity, and world cultures while bringing people together and making them feel like they are a part of something. And it doesn’t matter which country someone is from – more than 190 countries will be participating in Expo 2020 Dubai – because the event is about inclusion.

But it is also about inspiration. It is about teaching people about the things that matter across hundreds of areas, among them art, science, technology, business and sustainability, and about educating, inspiring and empowering the youth to take action to continue to imagine, innovate, and improve.

Finally, it is about the possibilities when vision and intent to deliver meet. To Dulsco, Expo 2020 Dubai serves as a symbol of the UAE’s achievements and its limitless ambitions. We believe that the event will not only have a lasting beneficial impact for the country, but also that it will leave an enduring impression on those who experience it.

Irfan Afsar Awan , Ex-President PTI Dubai – UAE: During these testing times, the UAE Rulers are showing their true leadership to build a better world and shape the future.

UAE’s visionary leaders are providing the opportunity to discover what makes Expo 2020 Dubai unique and how it will be “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future through Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity.”

Expo 2020 Dubai embarks on an immersive experience merging education, entertainment, and excitement, as everyone will witness and explore thematic and Expo-owned pavilions.

Since Expo 2020 Dubai aspires to deliver one of the most sustainable World Expos ever. It may seem like an ambitious goal, but sustainability is ingrained in everything that has been happening - from buildings and construction to establishing a lasting legacy long after Expo is over.

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