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Epoch-making show

Fireworks light up the night sky in Dubai during the Expo 2020 opening ceremony.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Sajjad Ahmad, Gulf Today

Anjali Samuel, Managing Partner, Mindfield Resources: Dubai has always played a key role in introducing the world to a better life and future and has been instrumental in boosting global growth and advancement. I believe the Expo will act as a catalyst between the world and a better future.

Apart from boosting employment, infrastructural development and unlocking a treasure trove of futuristic technology, UAE’s economy will definitely gain a massive spurt through hosting this grand event. I extend my best wishes to the rulers of UAE wishing them a successful and memorable Expo 2020.”

Dr Sanjay Tolani, CEO, Goodwill World: In our lifetime we all witness some pivoting moments which change or increase the speed of growth and innovation in our lives. EXPO 2020 is one such moment. It is the vision of our leaders which has created this opportunity for us as citizens and residents to witness a metamorphic moment in the history of the UAE.

Expo 2020 not only engraves the name of the Country as a business hub onto the World map but also opens up the doors of limitless opportunities in the post –pandemic world for entrepreneurs and investors in the UAE.

EXPO 2020 is a showcase of the resilience of the UAE economy and its ability to create a spectacle of innovation and unique business ideas as well as the potential of future growth. As a humble resident of Dubai, UAE; I am absolutely excited to welcome the world to our home Dubai, UAE. Let’s make this the most memorable experience for all our guests and more importantly open our mind to new ideas and potential business ventures we can embark on with other global businesses.

Manish Bakshi, Managing Director BenQ Middle East: “With Dubai gearing up to host the Expo 2020 grand event, I can see the monumental success it’s headed towards, not just for Dubai alone but for the whole world. The event will undoubtedly boost Dubai’s economy and overall infrastructure, and I am proud to see how seamlessly everything has been planned. My best wishes are with the rulers of the UAE.

I firmly believe this event will be larger and grander than any global event that the world has ever seen.”

Chandra Dake, CEO, Dake Rechsand: With the Expo just around the corner, I recall a quote from Steve Jobs: “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along and changes everything”. I believe this Expo will be remembered as such, because of what it stands for: Oneness. It will bring the whole world together on a common platform, to overcome some of the most pressing challenges facing humankind.

The sustain- ability sub-theme reflects the leaders’ commitment towards safeguarding the planet, its resources, and its inhabitants. Within the regional context, this first-ever Expo in the Middle East is an avenue to announce our aspirations, our ideas, and our challenges to the world. At Dake Rechsand, we believe this mega event will shed light on water and food scarcity in the region while drawing attention to plausible solutions. In doing so, this Expo will kick off a sustainability revolution and change everything decisively; just like Steve Jobs said.

Mahmood Ahmadu, President NAGCC (Nigerian-Arabian Gulf Chamber of Commerce): For the first time in the World Expo’s 170-year history, every country in Africa is set to participate with its own pavilion at Expo Dubai. So, it’s an epoch-making event, with great implications for the future of Africa, and its bilateral relations with the UAE. It is also an opportune moment for African nations to acquaint the world with their abundance, cultural heritage, and economic opportunities.

I cannot wait for global citizens to learn about Nigeria’s progress in terms of financial inclusion, education, and inter generational mobility; while they enjoy the world famous Afrobeat music, and other contemporary cultural experiences featured in our pavilion.

Kavitha Rajasekhar, Managing Director and Content Strategist, CXO Strategies: As the Expo 2020 Dubai kicks off, we are all filled with excitement and energy. It is with amazement that we recognise all the great work the UAE leadership, behind-the-scenes workers and some of the world’s best creative have put in.
The Expo 2020 charts a new way forward for both the country, its residents and citizens. Largely women-led by the likes of Reem Al Hashimy, Maha Al Gargawi and Hind Al owais; it is set to break gender stereotypes across Middle East and globally, while inspiring new perspectives.

This Expo also coincides with a unique moment; when the entire world is collectively reorganizing its priorities towards sustainability, mobility, connectivity, and inclusive opportunities. I’m reminded of Charles Dickens’ famous words: “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times”. The worst of times is over with the pandemic; and the best of times begin with the Expo.

Hussain F. Nalwalla, Managing Director of Sternon Group: The impact of Expo 2020 on UAE’s real estate and construction sector is likely to be significant and we expect these coming 6 months to be very important for UAE’s property market.

“Expo 2020 is also expected to have a major impact on demand for commercial space, as well, as international logistics and marketing companies expand in Dubai and other emirates to service-related demand. Dubai is bringing the future to present through Expo 2020. Thanks to the visionary leadership.

“The overall socio-political stability offered by the UAE combined with the world class modern infrastructure and a vibrant multi-cultural society is sure to appeal many buyers, who have come to the UAE to visit the Expo and looking to invest in real estate in Dubai – the global business hub.

“Due to the attractiveness of Expo 2020, the UAE’s real estate market is expected to remain desirable for investors and new buyers. Market has already started to show upward trends and we see promising opportunities ahead.”

Alyona Alipova, Co-Founder and Partner of ANITAS: As the Expo 2020 is getting ready to receive the world, we expect the economic growth to accelerate and we look forward towards a healthy growth in the coming business.

“Since economic activities are returning to normalcy, the expo 2020 will give a powerful push and create a significant impact on almost all economic sectors of the Emirates.

“We have already witnessed growth in our orders and we are also expecting to see a boost in sales during and after the Expo. This mega event made us very optimistic about fourth-quarter of this year. “Expo 2020 will have huge crowd of tourists coming in from different part of the world, which will consequently increase cash inflow for all small and big businesses. This mega event will give us a platform to develop international relations.

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