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Thailand all set to showcase its offerings at Expo 2020


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Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

The Southeast Asian Kingdom of Thailand is participating at upcoming Expo2020 in Dubai. The Commissioner General for the Thailand Pavilion Ajarin Pattanapanchai on Monday revealed the concept and design of the structure, predominantly in the shade of bumblebee gold and made distinct with the Thai architecture version of the gable roof. Another unique character of the pavilion is the profuse use of the “Crown Flower,” indigenously known as Dok Rak and which Thais consider as “good luck.”

Occupying a 3,600-square metre plot at the Mobility District of the landmark World Exposition in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, the pavilion shall be a metaphor of the future of the digital world.

The pavilion is as well a reflection of the charm of a well-preserved culture that dates back to 1238 when the Sukothai Kingdom was established, in the north-central portion of the tropical country.

Spearheaded by Bangkok’s Ministry of Digital Economy & Society where Pattanapanchai is also the Permanent Secretary, assigned as the body responsible for Thailand’s representation is the Digital Economy Agency.

Chosen to design the “Digital Pavilion” etched on the theme “Mobility for the Future,” is the Index Creative Village, a wholly-owned Thai company which won the “Most Outstanding Spectacle” category of the Special Events Gala Award 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA).

Pattanapanchai told Gulf Today: “Visitors will be able to learn about our digital vision for the future and the vibrant traditions of the past. I hope they also enjoy a number of spectacular performances.”

“We are hoping to use the dynamic world stage to explain the concept behind ‘Digital Thailand. It is technologically driven. (We envision) to reposition Thailand as one of the digital destinations across the globe. Using cutting-edge technology in all aspects of life, we will connect with the rest of the world and encourage more companies to make Thailand their home,” Pattanapanchai also said.

Pattanapanchai said Thailand aims to be the Digital Hub of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations with the goal of building a digital infrastructure leading to the creation of smart cities, by way of the utilisation of sustainable methods. For this, included in the pavilion is the  “Digital Park Thailand.

She explained: “This is another focus point. This new economic cluster strategically located on the Eastern Economic Corridor. Providing state-of-the-art facilities and an inspiring, dynamic environment, it is encouraging more and more digital global players and innovators to relocate over to Thailand and use the area as a place to invest, work, learn and collaborate with others who are invested in a forward-thinking, digital lifestyle.”

Pattanapanchai was asked on the significance of the Dok Rak, “good luck” flower of Thailand and the important role it has in the pavilion.

She replied:  “Given that the pollen from the Dok Rak flowers is naturally moved around and dispersed, the blooms represent mobility and development. This makes them the perfect match for the pavilion’s theme of ‘Mobility for the Future’ and ideal for representing Thailand’s wish to connect its people and businesses to the rest of the world.”

Over 500 artificial Dok Rak blooms that naturally comes in ivory-ish and lavender-ish hues, had been string-ed and interwoven for the pavilion and according to Pattanapanchai, the draping of the pavilion with the “good luck”flower--which Thais generally used for floral arrangements and welcome garlands “demonstrates the nation’s continuous growth and development.”

Throughout the evenings of the six-month Expo2020Dubai, the “Digital Pavilion” will be shining bright with the “Dok Rak Light and Sound Show.”

Other Thai cultural splendor are the “Khon,” a moving royal dance and among the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, and the popular and thrilling Muay Thai Boxing. Visitors shall have the pleasure of savouring the sweet to tangy to sour to spicy Thai fare created by the Little Bangkok in Dubai. They will also be able to purchase handicrafts as well as handcrafted accessories, souvenirs, gifts, cosmetics at the Thai Souk.

A country known for its pristine beaches, ancient temples and delicious food, Thailand is ready to showcase its offerings to the world at Expo 2020 Dubai this year.

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