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Israel Pavilion at Expo 2020 to be a platform for learning and rest


The towering seven LED screen gates frame the dune at the Israel Pavilion which also adopts the shaded streets of the Middle East.

Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

The Israel Pavilion at the 438-hectare Expo 2020 Dubai would be a place of learning about the past and creating the future; a place for interaction as well as rest.

This was how Israel-based Knafo Kilmore Architects owner and managing director David Knafo described the 1,550-square metre (sqm) and 15-metre (m) high tent-like steel structure complete with seven gates located at the Sustainability District of the first-ever international exhibition in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

“The Israel Pavilion offers an open space and a dune that sits on a raft foundation topped with sand-coloured recycled rubber surrounded by seven gates reflecting joy and hope.”

“The dune offers a place where imagination can create a breakthrough for the future of our planet, its ecological diversity and the preservation of human heritage.” “Include the present climate and ecological crisis call for the urgent mobilisation of global goodwill, new technologies, inventions, and close partnerships. We want to create new horizons for the next generations,” Knafo said.

Knafo gave details and explained these in an email interview, as the six-month Expo 2020 Dubai is only 42 days away from Friday.

Meanwhile,  during  a recent interview with Gulf Today  Israeli Head of Mission to the UAE Eitan Na’eh, he said: “The open pavilion looks towards the future. A meeting place of many cultures (where visitors get to (experience the Israeli experience, learn a bit more about the Israeli story. A combination of people from various countries coming back together to the lands.”

Expo 2020 Dubai
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Stressing that Israelis are ready to share with the rest of the world their learning, Na’eh added there would be weekly entertainment and other cultural activities – a total of 25 – as part of “public diplomacy” or people-to-people connections apart from business talks and discussions: “Expo 2020 Dubai is a jumping board (for the further realisation of the Abraham Accord).”

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs spearheads the pavilion. It is made more unique with the LED-illuminated “Aravrit” (a font combination of Hebrew and Arabic characters invented by typographer Liron Lavi Turkenich) atop the dune. With the main hall called the 360-Degree Room, it is produced by the Israel-based Avant Video Systems (AVS), noted for brand awareness, concept development, design and technology. It is the third time that AVS takes charge after the Israel participation at the Expo 2015 Milan (Italy) and Expo 2017 Astana (Kazakhstan).

Knafo explained the reference to the tent as it depicts the nomadic life in the vast desert of the present-day Middle East of Abraham, Israel’s biblical ancestor as well as the significance of the seven LED screen gates, with a height of 15 metres using 630 sqm LED panels: “A tent in the Middle Eastern culture is a symbol of shelter to rest and where one is always welcome. We want to (convey) that everyone is welcome at the pavilion to engage in the activities, meet new friends or simply take a moment to rest during their exploration of the Expo. There are seven gates as seven is a significant number in many religions with different meaning to each. Seven is considered a blessed number.”

On the Aravrit with the Arabic character on the upper half and the Hebrew character on the lower portion that declares the message of “Towards Tomorrow,” Knafo said this was incorporated for “that which unites us is much stronger than what divides us. The union of the two languages is a visual representation of this (truth and fact). By unity and working together, we can guarantee a better future for generations to come.” The Aravrit and “some of the pavilion elements” will have a new home, where these shall be on display, after March 31, 2021.

The 360-Degree Room located to the right of the entrance will give visitors a glimpse of the Israeli contributions in various sectors and areas such as Health and Medicine, Agriculture, Cyber-Security, and Science and Technology in six to eight minute videos.

Expo 2020’s Opening Ceremony will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the living history of the UAE as the country celebrates the Arab world’s biggest event.

A milestone moment that ties in with the UAE’s Golden Jubilee, the Opening Ceremony marks the realisation of our vision and hard work.

Tickets to Expo 2020 Dubai are now on sale, and among the plethora of reasons to book a season pass for the world’s biggest cultural gathering is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the historic, invite-only opening ceremony.

The breathtaking culmination of almost 10 years of planning and preparation for Expo 2020, the Opening Ceremony will feature stunning visuals and world-class acts, and will take place at Al Wasl Plaza, an architectural marvel featuring the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface.

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