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Dubai Maritime City, Etihad ESCO to enhance the energy efficiency


Top officials during the signing ceremony on Tuesday.

Etihad Energy Services Company (Etihad ESCO), an energy services company and a subsidiary of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa), has signed an agreement to retrofit buildings at DP World, UAE Region’s purpose-built maritime centre, Dubai Maritime City’s (DMC) facilities. The agreement is part of the cooperation and strategic partnership between the two organisations in sustainability and energy efficiency.

The agreement includes installing modern air conditioning, lighting, and thermal insulation solutions in the facilities. Three cooling systems will be installed to optimise the performance of central coolers (Adiabatic Cooling System) with a central control unit.

The air exchange units control system will be modified by installing smart valves as well as replacing the triple valves with dual ones, replacing a number of air conditioning units with modern energy-saving units. Thermal insulation will be optimised by isolating a total of 2,725 square meters of the glass surface. As for lighting solutions, a total of 1,142 traditional lights will be replaced with modern, energy-efficient ones.

The project is expected to save 729,373 kilowatt-hours annually, which is 20 per cent of the total current consumption of the targeted facilities. Mohammed Al Muallem, CEO and Managing Director of DP World, UAE Region said, “Through our strategic partnership with Etihad ESCO, we hope to carry on the energy efficiency movement in the UAE and the region endorsed by the leaders of our nation.”

“We have always been committed to using innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency at the Commercial and Industrial Districts facilities in DMC. We are certain that the implementation of practices that comply with the Green Building programme by the Government of Dubai, will help us save costs, showcasing our concern for the greater good of the environment and strengthening our contribution to the Emirates Green Agenda 2030.”

Faisal Al Raisi, Acting Chief Operating Officer at Etihad ESCO said, “We, at Etihad ESCO, take pride in providing a variety of energy services to Dubai Maritime City’s facilities. The project will provide a package of integrated, diversified and sustainable solutions to increase energy efficiency. At Etihad ESCO, we aim to implement several energy conservation projects as well as expand the portfolios of the entities that benefit from them.

This contributes to realising the objectives of the Dubai Demand Side Management Strategy 2030 programmes.”

Etihad ESCO aims to create an energy-efficient contracting market for energy service companies by auditing and proposing energy conservation standards by retrofitting buildings and increasing energy efficiency, in addition to solar energy projects and the provision of smart supervision and control solutions through measurement and verification centres.

Etihad ESCO also plays a role in raising awareness, guidance and training of the society and people working in this field including contractors, consultants and service users.

Dubai Maritime City, the world’s first purpose-build maritime centre, is a man-made peninsula.

While its primary focus is corporate maritime, this exceptional mixed-use environment covers every aspect of industrial, commercial and leisure requirements for the maritime fraternity.

Its sea-based location offers easy access to thriving businesses and stunning views of Dubai’s coastline and the harbour.

Etihad ESCO is a subsidiary of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), established in 2013, with a vision to transform Dubai’s built environment into a leading example of energy efficiency for the region and the world, thereby making the emirate one of the most sustainable cities, globally.

As a Super Energy Service Company (ESCO), it enables the energy performance contracting market in Dubai by developing energy efficiency projects targeting more than 30,000 buildings. By undertaking and spearheading efforts in this direction, Etihad ESCO actively contributes to the achievement of the target — 30 per cent reduction in energy demand by the year 2030 — set by Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE) under the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030.

The creation of a viable performance contracting market for energy service companies is achieved through building retrofits, increased penetration of district cooling, capacity building of local ESCOs for private sector and by facilitating access to project finance.

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