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Best practices for managing teams working remotely discussed


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The Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network Remote Working Task Force has organised a webinar that examined best practices in effectively managing teams that are working remotely during COVID-19.

The virtual event, attended by 55 participants from 39 companies, highlighted the importance of prioritising the mental and physical wellbeing of employees, as well as strategies and plans that companies can adopt to ensure smooth transition from the office to remote working.

During the webinar, Dr. Kamel Mellahi, Senior Manager, Dubai Chamber Centre for Responsible Business; Dr. Satish Kosuri General Practitioner, Aster DM Healthcare; and Jihan El Saghir

Country HR – Middle East & Saudi Arabia, HP Inc, delivered informative presentations covering a wide range of issues and challenges related to remote working, including performance management, mental health, physical wellbeing, home environment suitability and communication.

By overcoming these challenges and taking the right approach, organisations can reap the benefits of remote working while also keeping employees motivated and engaged, the speakers noted.

Dr. Mellahi explained that the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network Task Force on Remote Working was formed earlier this year to identify such challenges and suggest recommendations for the business community for developing and implementing effective remote working policies.

There is evidence that suggests that working from home could have negative and positive impacts on the performance, health and wellbeing of employees, depending on various factors such as the level of organisational support available to employees, demands of the home environment, support from colleagues and social connections, Dr. Mellahi added.

Dr. Satish Kosuri noted that working from home has given employees and businesses the flexibility to continue operations without disruption. However, he pointed out that companies should not ignore the challenges associated with remote working, such as loneliness, isolation, anxiety and stress.

These challenges can be overcome by living a healthy lifestyle and working from home in a positive environment, Dr. Kosuri said, adding that keeping an ergonomically friendly workspace, exercising regularly, eating a healthy and balanced diet, staying hydrated, spending time with family, and getting enough sleep can all help to reduce stress levels.

 For her part, Jihan El Saghir, Country HR – Middle East & Saudi Arabia, HP Inc., companies can make it easier for their employees to work from home by providing them with the necessary resources and equipment, establishing consistent procedures, and most importantly, fostering a culture of trust within the company.

She encouraged companies to establish clear communication channels for informal and formal communication with employees in order to maintain productivity levels and keep their employees motivated and engaged.

The Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network is an essential platform for the business community to exchange information and experiences on matters related to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Meanwhile, the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network Task Force on Diversity & Inclusion recently organised a webinar advising businesses on global practices for benchmarking diversity & inclusion at workplace.

The webinar, titled Global Best Practices and Benchmarking for Designing and Driving Diversity & Inclusion at Workplace, was attended by 96 participants from 37 companies. Sessions examined various types of best practices that can be widely adopted to empower different group of employees, improve relationships or team building, and boost employee engagement and productivity.

Participants learned about how inclusion at workplace means overcoming prejudices of all forms and this needs comprehensive efforts in the form of designing and driving diversity and inclusion strategy with in an organisation.

During the event, a panel experts joined by Berivan SÜZGÜN  Head of Talent – MESCATA ENGIE, Pavleen Sagoo,Talent and Colleague Experience Manager, Serco Middle East and Mira Toukan UAE Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Dow, shared their experiences and advice for businesses on creating a baseline, setting up a road map, implementing initiatives as per the action plan, measuring results, monitoring impact and then accelerating progress towards an inclusive work environment.

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