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DP World JV completes first 10,000 container moves

DP World

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DP World, the Dubai-based enabler of worldwide smart end-to-end supply chain logistics, has announced that BoxBay - its joint venture with the German industrial engineering specialist SMS group - has successfully completed the first 10,000 container moves in its high bay store system at the Jebel Ali port in Dubai.

The key milestone demonstrates the disruptive technology concept works, and makes possible dramatic changes to the way containers are handled in ports around the world. Construction of the test facility with 792 container slots was completed in July last year in Terminal 4 of Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, said the statement from DP World.

BoxBay is a patented automated container handling system that stores containers up to eleven stories high in steel racks. It delivers more than three times the capacity of a conventional yard, so the footprint of terminals can be reduced by up to 70 per cent.

The system is designed to run automatically and enables any container to be accessed individually without moving any other, it stated.

DP World said traditionally these containers are stacked one on top of the other in rows meaning many containers have to be moved to access containers lower down in the stacks. BoxBay is designed to be fully electrified and can be powered by solar panels on its roof, said the Dubai group.

Group Chairman and CEO Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem said: “The completion of the first 10,000 moves demonstrates that the BoxBay concept works in the real world. This technology has the potential to revolutionise how ports and terminals operate around the world. BoxBay adds value for our operations and customers and demonstrates DP World’s strengths as a global provider of smart and innovative logistics solutions.”

Mathias Dobner, Chairman and CEO of BoxBay, said: “We have been making great progress in setting up the system in Terminal 4. Usually, when setting up a new plant or system, you first have to run practical tests to find out where further optimisation will be needed - especially, when the system you are building is the very first one of its type, as is the case with BoxBay.” “In order to enhance the reliability of the technology, we have been thoroughly analyzing the information collected by our warehouse management system.


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