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Dubai SME launches incubation centre for creative entrepreneurs


Abdul Baset Al Janahi (left) and Fahad Bin Thani at the launch of Tjaarz Business Incubation Centre.

Dubai SME, the agency of Dubai Economy mandated to develop the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, announced the launch of the ‘Tjaarz Business Incubation Centre’ in Business Bay, an integrated platform for young citizens and entrepreneurs with creative and ambitious ideas in the tourism, franchising, and e-commerce sectors.

The Centre will support projects related to the manufacturing and production of perfumes, and also promote entrepreneurial initiatives in the specialty beverages sector, especially in the world of coffee.

The incubator provides a package of specialised services in business development, in addition to work spaces on a membership basis for professionals in various creative business fields. The facility is also equipped with laboratories and specialised courses in perfumery and coffee-making.

Abdul Baset Al Janahi, CEO of Dubai SME, said: “We are pleased to inaugurate the Tjaarz Business Incubation Centre, which comes within the framework of Dubai SME’s strategy to provide an ideal platform that promotes entrepreneurship, embraces and supports innovators and creative entrepreneurs, and enables them to pursue their visions and transform their ideas into distinct projects that serve sustainable development. It contributes to building a knowledge economy, thus enhancing the emirate’s economic position locally and regionally, and facilitates the process of reaching out to youngsters in various sectors. The incubator is also aligned with the the goals and vision of the UAE, as well as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Al Janahi added that the Tjaarz Business Incubation Centre joins the list of certified incubators and accelerators in the emirate within the Dubai Business Incubator Network (DBIN) launched recently by Dubai SME. “We are certain that this incubator will be the starting point for an integrated business system in the respective field, providing support, guidance and follow-up for innovative SMEs and emerging projects in line with the strategic vision and goals of the UAE.”

The new incubator joins the 10 similar facilities certified earlier by Dubai SME to provide services, packages and activities that support entrepreneurs in addition to an environment that enables the launch of innovative projects capable of growing globally.

The Dubai Business Incubator Network (DBIN), which includes specialised business incubators and accelerators accredited by Dubai SME, provides varied services, membership packages, workshops, training courses, and work spaces at competitive prices for entrepreneurs, in addition to a number of packages and services that emerging projects need during the various stages of their life cycle. DBIN will act as a reference and catalyst for business incubation programmes in the country, as well as motivate and support the private sector to invest in business incubators and accelerators.

Fahad Bin Thani, CEO and Founder of Tjaarz Business Incubation Centre commented: “Our objective is to support young entrepreneurs to develop their skills and experiences in the world of entrepreneurship, which will be reflected in business and economic development across the UAE. We also seek to train entrepreneurs to lead and develop their projects in a professional manner, so that creative business ideas are evaluated, pursued, developed and transferred to the labour market.”

Bin Thani added: “In launching the business incubator, we have considered the prevailing circumstances and the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have developed strategies for the effective contribution of the incubator to incubating and assisting a number of emerging projects, as well as spreading awareness among young entrepreneurs on the future of business in the country and the challenges ahead. Tjaarz Business Incubation Centre will draw a practical plan to take the entrepreneurs’ ideas and businesses from the incubation stage to a concrete business project.”

Dubai SME, an agency of Dubai Economy (Department of Economic Development - Government of Dubai) aims to foster an entrepreneurial culture and develop a competitive SME sector for the Emirate of Dubai.

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