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Efforts afoot to equip youth with digital skills in Pakistan


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Extreme Commerce, Pakistan’s largest and renowned e-commerce capacity building platform, has excelled in its mission of making Pakistan a hub of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Under the leadership of Sunny Ali, thousands of aspiring individuals from Pakistan have successfully initiated global e-commerce businesses.

Extreme Commerce has achieved yet another milestone with the expansion of 100+ skills training courses through the “Video Boot Camp” (VBC).

The Video Boot Camp includes virtual sessions and videos encompassing around 100 essential e-commerce and digital skills required to excel in the spheres of online businesses.

The Video Boot Camp training programme is specifically tailored to facilitate the budding entrepreneurs, businessmen and freelancers.

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According to Ali, "e-commerce has skyrocketed after the pandemic and is estimated to grow to a whopping $4.3 trillion within this year.”

He further added, "There is a huge potential for growth in ecommerce both domestic and international, and that is why we at Extreme Commerce have pledged to enable people to bring at least an additional $1 billion each year into the Pakistani economy through E-commerce skills by 2025.”

The Video Boot Camp includes over a 100 plus income generating E-commerce skills (income streams) which an entrepreneur needs to skyrocket their businesses.

Some skills offered through the VBC include: Selling through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) model, Virtual Assistant and FBA Freelancing, online store management of international and local E-commerce marketplaces, bookkeeping account management services, digital and social media marketing, content writing and graphic designing, 3D designing & modelling, data science and analytics, and more.


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This initiative of Extreme Commerce will be immensely fruitful in helping their trainees become leading entrepreneurs of the country. Ali, contented with his vision stated, "At Extreme Commerce, we offer a multitude of digital skills that are categorised into 100+ courses/income streams under the umbrella of Video Boot Camp (VBC 2021).”

These skills are pivotal to reducing unemployment and enhancing the capital of our country.”

Sharing his focus and goals, he added, "Skills that actually help you succeed as an online freelancer and even in the real-life environment plus increase your income thereby, are our prime focus right now.”

Earlier, Extreme Commerce and Mishal Pakistan, the Country Partner Institute of the World Economic Forum had signed a partnership to mainstream e-commerce in Pakistan, this includes capacity building initiatives for the media and industry players, including trainings, seminars and workshops.
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