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Business community welcomes UAE’s 100% ownership rules


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Inayat-ur-Rahman, Deputy Business Editor

President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued a decree overhauling foreign ownership rules of commercial companies.

The business community in the UAE warmly welcomed this great move.

Bilal Moti MRICS, Managing Director of Windmills Real Estate Valuation Services told Gulf Today that the UAE is marching ahead fast on the road of globalisatiion leadership, faster than most countries in the world.


Bilal Moti.

This great initiative is the most distinguished facilitation to investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen since the independence day of the country.

“The decision will undoubtedly attract and welcome new and large investment in the country. It will also be conducive to perpetuate existing business established by expatriate community.”

This is indeed the most pragmatic way to develop the country organically and inorganically, and broadcast the image of openness, ease and flexibility to the investor world.

Sanjeevv Bhatia

Sanjeevv Bhatia.

Sanjeevv Bhatia, CEO, SB Group and NETIX Global BV, said: "By revamping foreign-ownership laws, UAE is taking a giant leap towards economic diversification. This move will elevate UAE's position in the Ease-of-Doing-Business index by several notches."

“We can expect unprecedented dynamism in the business ecosystem instantly, in terms of IPOs, equity-based financing and entry of major venture capitalists from across the globe. Kudos to the UAE leadership for this monumental decision, which I'm sure will be looked back as a landmark some day.”

Leena-Parwani-750x450Leena Parwani.

Leena Parwani, Founder and CEO of LPH Financial Services mentioned that the UAE’s decision to allow 100% foreign ownership of companies comes at the right time. This reflects the pragmatism of the UAE Government and its Vision to help private sector and attract more investment into the UAE.

“This decision will go a long way in attracting foreign investment into the UAE.

Chandra-Dake-750x450Chandra Dake.

Chandra Dake, CEO, Dake Rechsand, said: "This move will make the UAE an even more attractive investment destination and commercial hub for international entrepreneurs and investors. It will also result in increased accountability and focus on business growth, rather than a diversion of energies towards internal stakeholder management.

Ali-Rao-750-450Ali Rao

Ali Rao, Group CEO, Elixir Group, said: "The first of a kind in the GCC region, the 100% ownership of the business in the UAE will boost FDI, investment flows, recoup the economy affected by the COVID-19. The revolutionary step will also greatly encourage entrepreneurs to start new ventures and expand locally, regionally and globally.

Sachinn-J-Laala-750x450Sachinn J Laala.

Sachinn J Laala, CEO of Shopper marketing agency Liquid, said: Today’s announcement signals great news for the UAE economy – and of course overseas investors looking to do business in the Emirates.

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