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Ukrainian ‘Eleks’ founder praises the UAE as a regional hub for business and investment


Oleksiy Skrypnyk, Founder of the Eleks, poses for a photograph.

Mahmoud Ads, Staff Reporter

Sheikh Dr. Majid bin Saeed Al Nuaimi, Head of Ajman Ruler’s Emiri Court, and Oleksiy Skrypnyk, Founder of the industry-leading Ukrainian software firm “Eleks”, signed a memorandum of association for establishing a prosperous new chapter of technological innovation in the UAE. Oleksiy Skrypnyk told “Gulf Today” that “Eleks” is very interested in starting a new era of development of IT sector in the region, particularly from the UAE 

Oleksiy Skrypnyk said, “We are an international company with a lot of business in Europe and most of the United States, and we are looking for a third pillar for our company. We see that the Arab world can be that third pillar for the development of the IT field, particularly the UAE, which provides good chances for investment and that is why we are here now.”

He continued, “The first time I came to the UAE, I was surprised of high level of technology here. It is far away in advance not behind in technology, and this is for me is a big “wow” to see such huge projects here.”

“There are here many chances, so we can build something important and useful utilizing the abilities, which we have in top technology, artificial intelligence, block-chain and everything related to the IT sector,” Oleksiy added.

He also pointed out that “Eleks” is already working on projects in the region, especially in Saudi Arabia. Regarding the projects in UAE, he said, “We have to find partner to cooperate with us, because this is too complicated business to do it alone.”

“We start step by step to build partnership with the companies to see how we can help them by what we are doing the best. We can create good IT projects for the region. We can compete other companies, because IT competition represents a positive advantage, a positive way of thinking and a positive way of doing business,’ he added. 

He is very optimistic in the business environment in the UAE with less bureaucracy comparing with many other countries in the world. It is very important system of doing top projects in the world, he added.

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