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ACCI discusses UAE’s projects in shaping future for next 50 years


Ajman Chamber is keen to organise direct meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Business Bureau, Gulf Today

The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) organised a brainstorming session under the title “The Year of Preparation for the Fifty”.

The session aimed at enhancing the involvement of the Chamber’s employees in proposing ideas, initiatives and creative projects in shaping the future in line with vision of the Emirate of Ajman and the country in general.

Held virtually, the session was attended by Abdullah Al Muwaiji, Chairman of the Ajman Chamber, Salem Al Suwaidi, Director General, while moderated by Dr. Salem Al Salem, in the presence of the executive directors and the Chamber’s employees.

Opening the session, Al Muwaiji welcomed the attendees, emphasising the role of the session in briefing the participants on the main axes launched by the country to get ready for the next fifty years. It is also important for anticipating the future by monitoring the ideas and visions of employees regarding developing the work system at the Chamber’s level in particular, and the emirate and the country in general, he added.

Al Muwaiji further pointed out that the Ajman Chamber is keen to organise direct meetings and brainstorming sessions for the employees with the aim of exchanging experiences and offering creative and innovative ideas in several fields that serve the objectives and strategy of the Ajman Chamber and its members.

Dr. Salem Al Salem gave an overview of the latest government trends and digital statistics on which government decisions are based. He also explained the methods of overcoming challenges and transforming them into catalysts in order to contribute to the development of the country, to build a better future for the economic sector, and to enhance the ambitions and goals of the UAE to be world’s number (1) in all fields by 2071.

The session’s topics included the big data revolution, the modern sociology and its relationship to the preparations for the next fifty, the objectives of the UAE government and the emirate of Ajman, the centennial of the UAE, the role of local government employees, digital statistics related to the strategic axes of the emirate of Ajman, economic and other priorities.

It further defined the determined thinking and traditional thinking, mentioning global and local examples of the distinguished practices in corporate performance management. Al Salem also spoke about the government performance mechanisms to achieve the UAE centennial, the updated system of government excellence and its relationship to preparing for the next fifty, and the most important institutional work priorities in the next fifty years at the Ajman Chamber.

The session witnessed clear interaction by the Chamber’s employees in proposing ideas and creative initiatives to develop the internal work environment and to provide services that keep pace with the future of the economic sector in line with the transformations that the emirate of Ajman and the UAE will witness over the next fifty years. The ideas and initiatives covered several areas, including supporting and developing national talent and facilitating doing business, making Ajman a competitive economic destination, strengthening the tourism sector, and supporting the country’s economy in general.

At the end of the brainstorming session, the attendees emphasised its importance and its role in exchanging views and monitoring ideas. They also emphasised the need for institutions, government and private agencies, as well as individuals to participate in the largest national strategy of its kind to prepare for a pioneering developmental journey for the next fifty years in all vital sectors: economy, education, infrastructure, technology, health, media and others.

Meanwhile the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) organised a panel discussion under the title “Manufacturing and Mining Industry” within a series of panels organised by the Chamber to enhance the employees’ knowledge, exchange experiences, and come up with constructive recommendations and proposals that improve the work environment and develop services directed to members of the Ajman Chamber.

Held virtually, the panel discussion was chaired by Abdullah Al Muwaiji, Chairman of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while joined by Salem Al Suwaidi, Director General, executive directors and all the Chamber’s employees.

Commencing the session, Al Muwaiji stressed the importance of the panel discussion’s topic, especially since the Emirate of Ajman owns a leading industrial sector that represents one of the main pillars of its economy.

The number of factories in Ajman reached 1,056 during 2019, Al Muwaiji said, praising the efforts of the government in providing distinct economic components that enhance the growth and sustainability of the industrial sector in particular.

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