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New e-commerce platform launched


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Sajjad Ahmad, Staff Reporter

Akshaak launched the first Emirati digital platform for e-commerce with the aim of collecting, marketing and selling products of home-based businesses and individual projects within a unified digital platform and working to promote their products in the local and global market.

Fahim Al Zubaidi, CEO and co-founder of the e-commerce platform, ‘Akshaak’, said: “Akshaak is a platform with a community vision that adopts the concept of social entrepreneurship aim at using the principles of entrepreneurship for individual, small and medium-sized enterprises, achieving material profit and social value for society. In light of the challenges facing home commerce in social networkwebsites, we launched the ‘Akshaak’ platform to enhance the concept of electronic transformation and overcome the challenges facing financial trade through social media.”

He said: “Akshaak platform allows sellers to manage their stores and follow up on orders and customers as well as following their orders at any stage of the delivery. The platform also allows communication between the seller and the buyer through instant live chat instead of using private phone numbers, and there is also an evaluation process. Tracking purchases and sales increases the credibility of the platform with new customers.”

He continued: “Today we have 200 stores registered in the platform that provide 1000 products to various buyers and sellers within the UAE as we plan to expand in the Gulf area and then go to all Arab countries on a later stage.”

He stressed that the platform aims to provide reports on the sector through periodic data and statistics on the household trade sector, in a way that contributes to the legalisation and development of this trade, as well as promoting digital transformation in the UAE in line with the UAE Vision 2021.

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