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UAE leads in adopting digital technologies


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The UAE has taken a leadership role in the Middle East region with the government sector leading the charge in technology adoption. Dubai has largely been responsible for changing the mindset when it comes to adopting new technologies.

UAE-based tech company Loyica has continued to provide digital transformation services to local businesses using Saphyte, a cloud-based sales platform designed by the company to enhance partner businesses’ marketing efforts, allowing them to continue reaching out to customers and adapt to new trends in the supply chain.

Ali Homadi, Founder and CEO at Saphyte, said in a statement that their users have benefitted from the digital transformation they provide using the CRM.

“Our partner businesses have been getting more sales output as a result of the efficiency brought about by our software’s automation and smart design,” Homadi said in the statement. “Using this cloud-based and centralised platform, sales teams will be able to seamlessly collaborate online.”

Jamie Bueno, Head of Admin and Support at Saphyte, highlighted the software’s function as a sales and marketing tool. “The software lets users manage their leads and clients easily. As a starting point, all they have to do is leave a form on their website or social media for their leads to fill out and Saphyte will automatically import the information into its system,” Bueno said.

“Once imported, sales teams can automate workflows using the system. They can reach out to these leads, schedule a phone call, send an email, or further forms for the leads to fill out. They can also track where the leads come from, which helps users determine which of their active campaigns are effective. This allows sales teams and marketing teams to work together and collaborate to improve the overall efficiency of the sales and marketing operations,” Bueno added.

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