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Number of travellers visiting UAE from Saudi Arabia up significantly

High tourist numbers reflect Dubai charm

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The number of travellers visiting the UAE from Saudi Arabia grew significantly in the fourth quarter of 2019. Dubai’s multi-dimensional market and customised campaigns showcase the city’s ability to remain attractive to the KSA tourists.

The latest data compiled by Expedia Group shows that Saudi Arabia is one of the highest traffic volume generator for the GCC with over 1.25 million visitors.

Dubai is further emphasising its priority focus on Saudi families, tourism campaigns, and promotions, ensuring that the city’s custom line-up of events, entertainment, and lifestyle offerings for KSA are always relevant and accessible for this segment of the market.

With the GCC as a whole, and KSA as its lead contributor, being key priorities on Dubai Tourism’s strategic agenda, investments in deepening alliances with the country’s travel ecosystem continue to increase, reflecting the value of such partnerships - particularly via integrated marketing and sales activations.

There is significant continued stability in Dubai’s attractiveness for Saudi millennials. The increasing number of hotels means that prices for premium accommodation are competitive and affordable for millennials vising Dubai on long or short term basis. In addition, the rise of the short-term rentals industry in Dubai means that Saudi millennials have a wider choice of accommodation options. Travellers are also willing to pay a higher price for the luxury of personalised service at high end hotels so as not to compromise on the luxury hotel experience during their holiday.

With its luxury hotels, service apartments, and residences, Dubai is able to accommodate large families and groups of people travelling together. According to data released by Arabian Travel Market 2018, the UAE has 73 per cent of the region’s luxury properties, and will continue to lead the GCC’s luxury segment to 20222.

Dubai Tourism Statistics further backs up this data through a report released in 2019 that shows that as of 2019, Dubai had a total number of 717 hotels and hotel apartment buildings for accommodation, with 118,039 rooms available 3. These reports provide a clear indication that KSA tourists visiting Dubai are spoilt for choice with luxury accommodations. The robust increase in travel by families from key markets, and specifically from Saudi Arabia, exemplifies Dubai’s growing appeal as a year-round ‘must-visit’ family destination.

Paula de Keijzer, Senior Director Market management, Africa, Indian Ocean, Middle East and Turkey at Expedia Group said, “With upcoming Expo 2020, UAE is expected to see a major boost in visitors from the GCC countries, with a majority from Saudi Arabia. By making revenue management more accessible which is free to all our lodging partners, Expedia Group’s revenue management tool Rev+ will help hoteliers make informed decisions and potentially increase their revenue performance.

Meanwhile from being named one of the best cities for travellers, to its year-round state of sunny bliss, it’s no wonder tourists flock to Dubai.

In fact, the number of overnight visitors travelling to Dubai hit an all-time high in 2019, with Dubai welcoming 16.7 million tourists, according to the latest data from Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism).

There was a 5.1 per cent increase from 2018, and a staggering 11.5 per cent contribution to the emirate’s GDP, with international tourism spending worth Dhs102 billion.

“While the global economy remains in a state of flux, we can clearly see an exciting opportunity to further grow Dubai’s dominance in the tourism industry in 2020, and to pioneer the next decade for global travel, offering unique and transformative tourism experiences created and driven by our strong appetite for radical innovation and stakeholder collaboration,” said Helal Saeed Almarri, director-general, Dubai Tourism.

Dubai Airport remains world’s busiest for flyers across globe. There is always something about Dubai International Airport that catches the fancy of the tourist or visitor. Be it its wondrous state-of-the-art facilities including high-tech scanning of passengers and baggage, its fascinating self-check-in machines, its extremely courteous staff - there is no dearth of praise for its array of groundbreaking services.

Despite closing one of its runways for repairs last year and the ongoing grounding of the Boeing 737 Max, it has maintained its momentum of operations without inconveniencing the awestruck tourist.

Now, for the sixth year, Dubai International Airport carries the distinction of being the world’s busiest for international travellers.


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