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VIDEO: New York Nasdaq Tower's screen displays UAE Nation Brand


Officials ring the market-opening bell of Nasdaq Dubai.

The UAE Nation Brand’s logo and slogan “Make It Happen” has now found its place on none other than the Nasdaq Tower's big screen in Times Square, New York City.

It definitely is a no mean feet as going by the facts Nasdaq’s electronic LED video screen that stands at Times Square attracts more than 50 million visitors a year and has over 380,000 passersby every day.

The representatives of the UAE Nation Brand Office, Dubai International Financial Center and Nasdaq Dubai participated in ringing the market-opening bell of Nasdaq Dubai.

The ringing of Nasdaq Dubai’s famous opening bell celebrates the launch of bonds or other listings. With the UAE Nation Brand present at the market-opening bell, it represented the alignment of Dubai’s rapid emergence as an international financial hub and the essence of the UAE Nation Brand’s “Make It Happen” philosophy.

“Being part of opening the market at Nasdaq Dubai represents a significant moment as we continue to carry our guiding philosophy to ‘Make It Happen’ across the nation, to places and people who have been an indispensable part of making the UAE the trailblazing country it has become,” said Saeed Al Eter, Director General of the Public Diplomacy Office (PDO), which oversees the strategic direction of the newly-established UAE Nation Brand Office.

“It’s an exciting moment when an entity that unites and energises people like the UAE Nation Brand opens the market at Nasdaq Dubai – there was palpable enthusiasm in the air. We were delighted to organise and commemorate this moment today,” said Hamed Ali, Chief Executive Officer of Nasdaq Dubai.

Arif Amiri, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), said “the motivational stories that underline the UAE’s growth as an ambitious nation draw a direct parallel with the emergence of the UAE as a leading regional and international financial hub. We are committed to supporting and advancing the core message of the UAE Nation Brand. As we have shown through our growth, the Dubai International Financial Centre is an example that shows nothing is impossible and that, if we can dream big enough, we can make anything happen.”



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